Colton Reece, Jordan Starr

Tall Bottom Jordan Starr Gets On His Knees & Bends Over For Colton Reece

Jordan Starr – a porn star this blog is famously a little obsessed with – is back at Falcon for his second-ever scene with the iconic studio! For his latest appearance, the stud can be seen bending over and kneeling down to service Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Colton Reece for Falcon’s all-sex film Gotta Have It!

No, really though – throughout the scene, a 6’2″ Jordan has to literally do some slight bending over and kneeling down in order to get fucked by Colton, who stands at 5’10”. I guess that’s a struggle you have to deal with when you’re a tall bottom though. Not everyone that’s entering your hole is gonna be able to just tower over you.

Colton Reece, Jordan Starr

Any height different issues between Colton and Jordan seem to disappear when this horned-up duo takes to a nearby chair though. Once Colton has Jordan on his knees and taking bareback backshots, their heights don’t matter at all and all we’re left thinking about is how fucking hot Jordan’s ass is and how lucky Colton is for getting to fuck it raw like this.

So what do you think of this scene? Are you a tall bottom? Are you a tall bottom that’s getting topped by Lady Liberty? What are your experiences getting fucked by someone that’s shorter than you? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to watch this entire bareback hookup right now over at Falcon Studios!

[Watch ‘Gotta Have It’ w/ Colton Reece & Jordan Starr]


9 thoughts on “Tall Bottom Jordan Starr Gets On His Knees & Bends Over For Colton Reece”

  1. Whatever Colton Reese’s political affiliation, he is a very mechanical top who never looks like he is enjoying himself even though he is having sex with some of the hottest men performing on porn today.

  2. We honestly need to cancel Colton, he’s been cheering about how he’s proud of the supreme courts decision on Roe v. Wade. He literally just posted this cheering on the Supreme Court.

    1. This is the problem with people nowadays. Calling for cancellation without thinking. This post does not have anything to do with Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court merely brings back the power to each state to decide based upon their existing laws. Abortion is not a constitutional right unlike speech. Please read the entire opinion by Alito. And please study the constitution. Finally, the woke cancel mob is losing.

  3. Colton just gives off a vibe that says: I’m in charge! Get on your knees and/or bend over. I’d definitely follow his orders.

  4. Jordan Starr is gorgeous. Expecting to see him more and more. Such a charming man with no tatoe and very desirable.

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