Brock Banks, Tayte Hanson

Tayte Hanson to Brock Banks: ‘Fuck My Face!’ (And That’s Just the Start!)

Earlier this year, Brock signed as an exclusive to CockyBoys, and Tayte made his return to porn (and the studio!) shortly afterward. It was only a matter of time before the two combined their talents, and this intimate scene doesn’t disappoint.

A little flirting goes a long way as you’ll see when an excited Brock Banks and Tayte Hanson finally get together several months after first meeting during awards season. In bed, their lips meet passionately but soon Tayte’s mouth travels down to Brock’s cock, which grows thick in his mouth and throat. As it hardens, Tayte’s happy hunger increases, especially as Brock pumps his mouth.

Brock Banks, Tayte Hanson

Brock Banks, Tayte Hanson

Brock is hungry too and indulges in priming Tayte’s bubble butt with his lips, tongue and a little finger probing before sliding in his fat cock. In little time, Brock is thrusting deep and finding that sweet pleasure spot inside Tayte and he can’t get enough of it. At one point he flips his legs back so Brock can drill him in a multi-position pile driver.

Brock Banks, Tayte Hanson Brock Banks, Tayte Hanson

In time, Tayte decides he wants to ride Brock, and before long he’s working his hole on his cock, kissing him and taking his deep thrusts. Tayte mixes it up by sliding up to face fuck Brock before sliding back down on his cock and riding him relentlessly.

Brock Banks, Tayte Hanson

Brock Banks, Tayte Hanson

Brock can’t hold back and pulls out to erupt between Tayte’s cheeks. He slides back in and Tayte just keeps riding Brock until he shoots all over his chest. One more time our breathless duo kisses and there’s no question this was worth waiting for.

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


21 thoughts on “Tayte Hanson to Brock Banks: ‘Fuck My Face!’ (And That’s Just the Start!)”

  1. Oh, yeah! Tayte! What a hottie! The perfect package of looks, body, butt and cock. Plus he’s a great performer. Welcome back, Tayte!

  2. He who loves sex with pleasure pampers his beautiful cock. You also get extra money for sex, it will definitely be an enjoyable sex machine. I also enjoy sex, but unfortunately I don’t get paid for it.

    1. wish he’d go back to using rubbers, no point now these days of allowing another deadly virus to mutate again. Sexual responsibility is hot!

      1. Universal Potentate

        I’m guessing you’re just being contrary to be contrary. Whatevs!
        Condoms are a fetish, not a mainstream desire.

          1. “Okay Zoomer”? Gen Xer here. Stop trying to seem hip, it doesn’t work. You know what does? Testing performers for all STIs before filming and testing those under studio contract every 14 days. Using PrEP as a secondary measure if the performer chooses. You know what doesn’t work for the everyday person? Guilt, shame, peer pressure, you know basic bullying. HIV is no longer on the World Health Organization’s list of top 10 causes of deaths. Annual HIV infections in Gay/Bisexual Men are down 8%. It’s estimated that up to 60% of new infections are part of the bug chaser/gift giver subculture and slammers. Smoking kills more people than alcohol, AIDS, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders, and suicides combined. Go preach to the smokers who are ignorantly causing illness and death to others via second-hand smoke, not to mention killing themselves.

        1. Advocating for safer sexual practices should not be a contrary position. Avoiding disease is a mainstream desire and condoms may not be a fetish but a necessary means to that end.

          1. Advocating common sense is not guilt, shame, or bullying. Annual HIV cases are down 8%?–wish is was at least 50-100%. My (gay) doctor tells me that it’s the Wild West out there with STD infections through the roof and argues for sensible (and frequent) sex with condoms. Unfortunately we will probable see in the next years a rapid escalation of TV lawyers suing the drug companies for the horrible side effects of preventive drugs-it takes a strong drug to fight a strong virus. Rather than see somebody risk kidney damage and severe joint pain he just keeps saying what worked well for the 1990’s–use a rubber. Let’s hope the performers would show the viewers from countries with lousy health systems who could never get anything approaching adequate treatment that simple steps are effective

          2. Porn is Fantasy and major safety measures are in place to help protect the performers. They’re actors and just like mainstream movies you shouldn’t imitate them. I don’t shoot all the bad guys, steal all the money or save the universe at the last second. Yes, in real life wearing condoms is the safest thing for everybody, but don’t expect condoms to return to porn anytime soon. Even hold outs like Falcon Studios and Director Chi Chi Larue know the tide has turned.

    2. Universal Potentate

      Condoms are disgusting devices that cause rashes, bleeding and eliminate the skin-to-skin contact that is sex. Maybe some of you don’t have massive negative responses and you’re so hair-triggered that this seems like a good option for you but the overwhelming majority of people refuse to use condoms … and rightly so. An allergenic barrier is not “responsible sex.” It’s bad engineering.

      1. Um yeah, there are many non-latex condom options on the market. Trojan, Durex, and Skyn can be found at all major drug stores

        1. Universal Potentate

          I didn’t mention latex. I said condoms cause rash, bleeding and stop skin-to-skin contact. All of them do. Tearing for the bottom and reduced pleasure for the top. It’s just bad engineering. Saying something dismissive and off-topic doesn’t address the key problem. Powders in condoms, spermicides and lubricants can all be allergenic or act as irritants. Bad engineering!
          Most people, male or female, bareback. Saying “But they have organic duck butter lube!” doesn’t address the basic concern of … wait for it … bad engineering.

          1. If you don’t want to wear condoms just say it. No need to keep blaming “bad engineering” for a personal choice

          2. Universal Potentate

            @ATungnuboy Reply fields are missing on my phone. I can only reply to certain posts. If I’m speaking out of order, that’s why.
            1. I’m discussing the conceit that using condoms in porn is responsible and by extension using condoms in real life is responsible.
            2. I am not talking about my personal life. I am talking about the choices most men and women make and why.
            The notion that condom usage is “responsible” is inherently flawed when dealing with such a poorly engineered product.
            3. Tayte Hanson has historically been on the forefront of this conceit and I’m glad that diehards like Tayte and Chi Chi LaRue have finally accepted condoms as a moral fetish (some perverted form of social domination) and have yielded to market forces.
            4. More people just need to speak up for a majority of people who are talked down to my these moral fetishists, so I’m doing that. The reason most people don’t use condoms is because they a prime example of bad engineering. You can’t “out moral” bad engineering.

          3. Your argument is flawed, the condom industry makes BILLIONS in sales every year. I don’t even know what mean by “Bad Engineering”, but it sounds like an excuse. Not wearing one is a personal choice and not bowing to peer pressure is also a personal choice. Stop pretending otherwise. Chi Chi made an educated decision based on medical evidence not market forces. You’re looking at this from some warped outsider’s view of porn and the health care industry. Stop speaking for all these other people. Just stop. It’s a choice, it’s a moral decision. Wear one if you don’t want to but get off the cross Mary, we need the wood

          4. There is a small percentage of people out there who are allergic to latex, and luckily there are some alternatives almost just as good.
            The important thing that they are used . It is sad that now safe sex is considered a contrary position by some, the analogy now unfortunately is that of not wearing a mask to prevent COVID-19 because it “doesn’t feel good”. In all my years of fucking hundreds of guys I have only met one who was allergic to latex. What I have encountered more times then I want to remember are poopy asses and bleeding holes. No matter how much you douche, which by itself has health risks, you will still have shit and blood lurking in an ass which I sure as hell don’t want on my dick. The other thing we know, unless this is a “contrary” view is that the thing viruses do best is mutate and it’s only a matter of time before something more virulent becomes sexually transmittable’

          5. Universal Potentate

            I am not sure of where you get the idea that high selling product is a well engineered product. Again, rash, bleeding, stop skin-to-skin contact.
            I’m also not sure where “a personal choice” is as simple as “Should I paint the wall light blue or off white?” People make these personal choices based on a variety of factors, like rash, bleeding and reduced sensation. People can also be allergic or negatively responsive to spermicides and lubricants, not just latex.
            Don’t tell me not to “speak for others” and then say “Chi Chi La Rue made a decision based on medical blah blah blah.” You don’t know that! I know that they’re in business and that people buy bareback porn 7:1 to condom porn. Condom porn always has a negative backlash financially. It’s just a bad investment. In business, that’s a motivator. Vague, questionable medical advices are not real motivators.
            I have only ever been talking about market forces. Why you think I’m talking from a personal rejection of condoms is ridiculous and again … speaking for me after I already spoke for myself.

            Maybe read what I said … carefully … before jumping to conclusions?

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