The Maverick Men Open Up

XTube sensations cum self-made porn superstars, the Maverick Men aren’t just the sexiest DIY performers on the internet, they’re also surprisingly approachable and down-to-earth. But, maybe that isn’t a surprise considering these are the men known for having sex with their fans. The Sword’s exclusive interview with Hunter and Cole Maverick is below.

The Sword: For the few who don’t know, explain how Maverick Men came about, and how it evolved to where it is now.
Hunter: It all started about three years ago with us posting a few videos on XTube. We garnered a following pretty quickly and soon the administrators encouraged us to create an amateur page where we could charge for content. About three months after we launched that page, we both quit our 9-5 jobs and this is all we’ve done ever since.
Cole: The response was immediate and very positive. Each day we would read the encouraging messages from people asking for more and telling us how much they loved what we were doing. After about a year on XTube, we were contacted by OLB Media with a proposal to produce the MM site.

Did you ever see your work getting as big as it is now? What did you envision, in terms of success, when you first started out?
Cole: No way! We had no idea how popular it was going to be. And it keeps growing! We really can’t go anywhere without somebody recognizing us. It’s flattering in a big way. Success to us is measured by how much time we get to spend together, and this career lets us be together all the time.
Hunter: We meet new people every day either personally or via our site, and it’s the most kick ass thing ever. This business has brought us so many new friends and we absolutely love it.

Cole, Hunter, & Brandon Lewis

You’ve worked with at least one well-known porn star, but the overwhelming majority of your models are amateurs and sometimes fans. What’s the appeal of working with new, unknown guys versus big name porn stars?
Cole: We shoot our content with guys that have contacted us. We get hit up by a lot of guys to mess around and we always tell them our rule: We only mess around outside our relationship if it’s to make a video.
Hunter: We met Brandon [Lewis] at an On The Hunt gig where we were hired as producers. Cole and I both instantly fell in love with him. Not only is he an insanely sexy man, but also he’s one of the sweetest and most sincere guys we’ve met in this business. Those that have had the pleasure of meeting him know what I’m talking about. We spent several days with him and enjoyed every second of it.

The popularity of your work is proof that porn doesn’t always need a big production company behind it. From a business perspective, what are your thoughts on the future of traditional studio porn?
Cole: I think some of the studios are sticking to old formulas that don’t appeal to the newer generations. We try to approach filming with what we think is hot and people really seem to like it. I think some of the bigger studios need to start thinking outside the traditional production model. We would love to start filming for other studios once we have some free time to branch out.
Hunter: We shoot in a style that separates us from the rest of the porn pack, but I think the crucial component is social media. We’ve always made ourselves accessible to our fans, and they’ve stuck by us since day one.

Not Your Ordinary Porn Stars

Do you consider yourself “porn stars”?
Hunter: Not at all. I’ve met a lot of porn stars. We are two regular guys, very much in love, that like to share it all online.
Cole: Haha, no way!

A lot of porn stars tell me that porn is just a job–that they’re just acting. Are you guys acting, or is the sex really as hot as it seems?
Cole: That’s exactly why we film with fans that contact us; because we know they are into us and into making a video. Our on-camera antics and sexcapades are as real as it gets. Our content is a window into our every-day lives. It’s very similar to reality TV, only I don’t shut off the camera once we get into bed.
Hunter: Before we jump in the sack with a guy we always take the time to really understand what gets him going sexually. I think we have some really hot videos out there and it has so much to do with that principle. Besides, we really get into sex with a guy when we know that we are getting him hot.

You never play around with other guys off camera, but what if one of you falls for one of your models? What if one of them ends up falling for you? How do you prevent that from happening?
Cole: We do have a few rules of engagement, but we’ve found that brutal honesty from that start is the best way to ensure that things don’t’ get out of hand. But honestly, no one can come between us; we have real love. Besides, if Hunter ever tried to leave me for someone else, I would beat the life out of them both.
Hunter: We had someone fall for us once. We made the mutual decision to take time apart. It’s really tough because there’s so much I want to share with him, but he needs the time to think and grow. I can’t wait to hug him again.

What kind of porn did you watch growing up?
Hunter: I was raised Mormon in Utah and didn’t watch a lick of porn growing up. I went to BU, had a few girlfriends, and didn’t come out till 1999. Then, a gay buddy of mine loaned me his porn stash. It was all Falcon from the 80’s and it will always have a very special place in my butt (and heart).
Cole: I loved reading pulp porn. I grew up with Jeff Stryker. I met him when I was 19 and I fell in love. I love his dirty talk and he is, to this day, one of the hottest guys I have ever met. I also love the work of Jean-Daniel Cadinot. He was a genius.

You guys and all the guys you bring on have more sex appeal than most well known porn stars. What are the prerequisites to be cast in one of your films?
Cole: To be in a video with us takes a bit of time. We always get to know the person and become friends before we get our fuck on. Requirements are: you must be into us both, you must be nice, and you’ve got to love getting fucked. We are equal-opportunity fuckers. We never have sex with anyone under 18. Never.
Hunter: Sex appeal has everything to do with personality. We like nice guys. I’ve met plenty of beautiful douche bags and they get ugly real quick.

Are you concerned about the Maverick Men concept becoming a “trend,” or something that might not be as exciting two years from now? How do you keep what you’re doing hot and relevant in an always changing industry?
Cole: We keep everything that we do honest and real and it shows. We know how to make your cock hard and how to make you giggle at the same time. Tell me who can do that?
Hunter: We make a lot of people happy, and we are happy together doing it. As long as that’s the case, we’ll continue sharing our lives with people.



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  1. Pornobobbie Uncut Superhero

    I Fuckin loooooooove the Maverick Menz!

    They are such great guys. I can’t wait to meet them in person and grope my lil heart away. :P

    1. They’ve been asked that question in multiple other interviews before this one. If you want the answer, it’s very easy to find.

      1. It was more a general bitching than a serious request for information. Whatever their excuse, I’m extremely unlikely to accept it as valid.

  2. I like them except for their annoying habit to keep their models with a cap/hat on in their scenes.

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