The Surprisingly Touching Acceptance Speeches From The Hookies

These goddamn hookers are making me weep! Videos below.

Who knew these by-the-hour fuck studs would give such heartfelt, grateful, and personal acceptance speeches upon winning their Hookies on Friday night in New York? Are we sure this isn’t footage of those faggots at the GLAAD awards? Either way, I’m verklempt.

First, an emotional Jayden Grey accepts his award for Best Boyfriend Fantasy. I’m crying:


Best Tattoos winner Alessio Romero reveals the significance of his ink:


A surprised Logan Stevens humbly accepts Best Newcomer:


And Best Porn Star Escort Samuel Colt was so overcome with emotion, he could barely speak.


Clips courtesy Diesel Washington, who has more from the weekend on his site.

7 thoughts on “The Surprisingly Touching Acceptance Speeches From The Hookies”

  1. One more thing–Samuel Colt did not come across embarrassed or overcome by emotion…..he gave the impression to me that he had somewhere else he had to be, and he was just there to get his award, give a very short thank you, and get on with the rest of his evening. You want emotion, then go look at his IML speech on Youtube (although I can’t remember if it’s under his porn name or his driver’s license name). This award show was more of a “yeah, thanks” moment.

      1. Thanks for the link, big man…for what it’s worth, that was a good speech at IML….although God help me, I kept focusing on the hat you wore there thinking “But we don’t wear that sort of hat in the A’s anymore”…..stupid of me, I know.

  2. One has to wonder…which group has more prossie earning power–these porn stars who swept the awards, or the non-porn star ones? Now the pornies have name recognition and perhaps a certain cachet to them, but the “undercover” group offer the clients complete discretion since they wouldn’t be spotted by the Kathy Griffin Gay Brigade and gossiped about…and in theory they could charge more.

  3. While all the well-established, successful escorts have been in Palm Springs for the weekend get-together instead….

  4. Samuel Colt looked embarrassed more than overcome by emotion, LOL. It’s hard to tell, it happened so fast. I’m still not even sure what the point of this award show is for, and what the criteria is. But no matter, I’m sure everyone had a good time.

  5. Wonder how the “regular” working guys like the “porno” working boys winning all. Well, I’ve heard porn stars just look at their DVDs as ads for their escorting. Would that they all be required to do porn, especially the cutie Europeans on Gay Romeo. Spain particularly looks like a must-visit, and bring cash.

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