The Very Slutty Week of Joey Mills

On his hole or in his mouth, he don’t care…Joey Mills just wants that cum. The hung bottom had a busy week last week, getting fucked by two studs in a pair of new scenes (and only one of them has an annoying chick in it…so, yay?). Which one of these pairings shows off the Joe man better?

1. Fire Fuckers (Part 1) with Joey Mills & Finn Harding

Joey Mills, Finn Harding  Joey Mills, Finn Harding

Joey Mills, Finn Harding

Fearing he’ll fail an exam, college student Joey pulls the fire alarm…but firefighter Finn Harding catches on to the scheme and soon has the twink bent over for some corporal punishment. But the spanking makes Joey hard, so Finn decides to take advantage and stuff the cutie’s holes with his cock (including the requisite doggy fuck against a bookcase, which looks slightly less uncomfortable then the spit roast when stuck in a bookcase). Joey sucks out Finn’s load, and we also get to see the top lick an axe in the trailer…which simultaneously turns me on and creeps me out.

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2. Boner Bonus (Part 1) with Joey Mills & Kyle Connors

Joey Mills, Kyle Conners Joey Mills, Kyle Conners

Joey Mills, Kyle Conners

Janitor Joey (aww, how cute!) gets doused with coffee when he tries to repair a broken machine at the office, so he strips out of his shirt—which further tempts office worker Kyle Connors, who always likes it with cream (tee hee!). Kyle is soon filling the twink’s holes with his thick ginger dick, as partially unsuspecting co-workers go about their day (sigh… just can’t resist). Joey unloads as he gets drilled in a chair, then Kyle sprays his hot milk all over him (yay, more coffee puns!).

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Which scene is more your cup of Joey?

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