They’re On A Boat: Adam Killian & Christopher Daniels

Further proof of why Christopher Daniels is the best cocksucker of 2011 and, in case you needed it (you don’t), another reason to fall in love with Adam Killian’s body. Video below.

This picturesque, surprisingly steady footage shot on a moving boat is from Heatwave 2 (watch in full). Is there any location mr. Pam can’t film hot guys fucking?

[Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian Fucks Christopher Daniels]


4 thoughts on “They’re On A Boat: Adam Killian & Christopher Daniels”

  1. lol – thanks Zach! Yep, that was probably one of my biggest filming challenges. I had one leg hooked around that boat rail for about 4 hours while filming & taking photos (I think I got the most bruises in one day of shooting in my life, omg!). Still can’t believe no one fell overboard. The moment when Adam picked Chris up in a standing 69 on the bow of the rocking boat… amazing!
    Adam Killian, Chris Daniels & my crew Crisco, Ivanavish & 2 more hot PA’s worked their ass off that day. And this scene Rocks! Literally! (but not my camera work… ;)

    Enjoy Heat Wave 2 boys! I LOVE this movie! Summer sex in NYC = smokin hot!!

    – mr. Pam

  2. Daniels is a beautiful man but we have been inundated with WAY too many scenes featuring him in WAY too little time and I feel like I have already seen everything there was to see with him involved in a couple of months. He has done several scenes for Titan, Lucas and Falcon and many of the lower-grade online studios in just a trimester (and several for each!) and almost exclusively as a bottom. Sporting facial hair sporadically is not going to prevent him from feeling overexposed quickly. Not smart pacing career-wise – although he probably had a very financially successful summer obviously.

    Still not sold on Mr Pam’s skills but whatever. At least for once, an outdoor scene has good flattering and neutral lighting. I’ll give her that.

    1. I’ve always had the impression that Chris got into the porn business for a ‘good time not a long time’, so I’m not sure that the pacing of his ‘career’ is as harmful as you think. But I agree that I’m also not sold on mr. Pam’s skills as a director. She seems to be extremely effective at maintaining good relations with the models though and, given her employer’s history in that regard, that probably makes her invaluable to the company…

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