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This Guy Found Out He Was Talking To His Uncle On Grindr

It looks like weird and horny conversations with uncle aren’t just something that happens in FamilyDick scenes! According to a TikTok in this week’s Meme Mondays roundup, it’s something that happens in real life. Take a look below to see how that family-lovin’ situation plays out along with a bunch of other hilariously horny TikToks from the past week down below and be sure to let us know your favorite video of the week in the comments!

The new Thanksgiving baby gravy anthem:

@suecothe thanksgiving song

♬ original sound – sueco

When your family asks about your dating life:

@eddie_cue This year, I’m thankful for Grindr…syke. #@smd.16 @rosemaryquintero53 @gabriallequintero @Cynthia Quintero #fyp #gay #family #thanksgiving #grindr #grindrproblems #gaybears #gaybeard #fypシ #singlegay #thanksgivingvibes #familytime ♬ original sound – Michael Maurice

No homo:

@loloverruled Replying to @vinnyyards ♬ original sound – Lolo

This sounds like a setup to a golden shower porno:

@alecbrochhausen♬ original sound – alecbrochhausen

And this sounds like a FamilyDick setup:

@the_dogfather17 #grindrstories ♬ original sound – ray

So what is the truth?:

@eddie_cue *Disclaimer: before you flood the comments with the “uh uhh, that ain’t me” comment, I use the words probably and maybe throughout. If the hole fits, own it. #BetheReasonVisa #gay #fyp #gaybears #gaybeard #daddytok #scruff #scruffapp #grindr #grindrlife #grindrculture ♬ original sound – eddie.cue

Common sense isn’t so common:

@psherman42wallaby #stitch with @kingkokomora ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Anyone who watches ‘The White Lotus’ can agree:

@bigtallfruitytwunk #essex #whitelotus #smash #whitelotusseason2 ♬ original sound – That_femboy0

Time to get your shit schloncked stupid style:

@sayantheelion♬ original sound – Sayan

Wrong kind of light:

@young_dadchelor #stitch with @la.jacob oops👀 #flashlight #fypシ #candycrush10 #funny #trend #trending #viral #fail ♬ original sound – JD


6 thoughts on “This Guy Found Out He Was Talking To His Uncle On Grindr”

  1. There’s this podcast called hell by sex in my boss where they read a letter from a guy who didn’t know he was sexting dad til he got dick pics

  2. Not surprised and I am sure it happens more than people care to admit. Many times people use fake pictures or ones without their face when posting personal ads….. Would I do it with a cousin, uncle or even brother? FUCK YA! Even after finding out who it is. If they want to continue it, even better.

    1. What is wrong with doing it with a cousin, uncle or even brother? Guy and girl can produce offspring; no problem with gay guys.

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