This Is A School Bus Going To College, Right?

That’s what I have to believe, because uhhh…

BoyCrush brings us just a fun look at boys on a short bus (not that kind of short bus–that would be a whole other kind of porn) having sex, smoking, and, jesus fucking christ, singing a song that vaguely resembles Rebecca Black’s “Friday”? You know you’ve made it as a pop star when your music is parodied in gay bareback twink porn.

It’s Bus Stop Boys, and if you’re into twinks, I would assume that this is exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for:



11 thoughts on “This Is A School Bus Going To <em>College</em>, Right?”

  1. I feel like I’m being judgmental, but I want to distribute hugs, sandwiches, and strong admonitions to stay away from the cocaine.

    1. Hugs, sandwiches and just say no to coke? That’s all? No condoms eh? I hear HIV can be prevented by rainbow brite and a glitter unicorn, so both you and they should be all safe and sound =D

    2. May I be a stick in the mud here? I used to be a skinny twink and while I would accept that condescension from too many gay men was an unfortunate side effect, the coke jokes were very hurtful to me at the time and I still feel them a bit unfair even now that I am big, older and more masculine.
      Skinny twinks are built that way. We get it, the crowd at the Sword are not really into them as a general rule. But can we avoid the bash-the-people-who-are-not-our-type thing?
      It is one thing to criticize a performer we feel is unattractive or an ass or an idiot as they are public people who have to take it if they want to work based on their look. It is a bit different in my overly sensitive mind to attack people for being a certain type.
      Know it was just a joke and it is the former skinny in me that is overreacting but still feel the contempt is undeserved.

      1. I’m sorry my comment came across as skinny-twink marginalizing. :( I’m generally a proponent of everybody feeling beautiful, whatever size he or she is. The sandwich remark was more because the boys in the trailer made me feel less randy and more. . .maternal. Or Maiden Aunt-ly. If that makes sense.

        You may have a sandwich too, if you’d like. I’ll even press you to my bosom.

        1. I will have the sandwich because ME WANTS FOOOOOD. but don’t apologize. I am not saying people who are not attracted to skinny twinks should start pretending they are. But it would be nice if there was less condescension for them’ twinkies and those who are attracted to them around our part. But you are not personally responsible for it and neither are you the worst offender;)

  2. The problem with Boycrush is not the boys or the weird imagery but the terrible direction. It is unwatchable. Doing close-ups of weird things, bad lighting, choosing the weirdest less-sexy angle every time and my own pet peeve: no “overall” shot where we can actually see the boys in their entirety doing what they are doing. I like twinks like any other type of men but I can’t watch Boycrush because I find myself very frustrated instead of aroused.

  3. You bet your sweet ass they’re going to college.

    Oh, and if you really love the sultry sound of my voice and that song I threw together in 20 minutes, you can download the mp3 for free on my blog at

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