Thoughts On This New Next Door Male, You Guys?

There’s a lot going on here. The jewelry, the tattoos, the dick, the baby face, the tattoos, the facial hair, the tattoos, the fauxhawk that would get him kicked off a Hot House set, the tattoos…

And again, the tattoos. If you already hate tattoos, please don’t tell me that he’d look better without tattoos. I could have told you that you were going to tell me that. I’m interested in hearing from people who like tattoos, or at the very least aren’t normally bothered by tattoos. Are you bothered now? Because I am.  Life is killing me? The children’s coloring book otherwise known as your right arm is killing me.

And yet, at the same time, I’m very willing to forgive all the doodling on this man’s body because everything else about him is basically perfect. His name, as if it matters, is Cory Everlast, and I’m in love with him, maybe. Are you?

His solo:


[Next Door Male: Cory Everlast]


29 thoughts on “Thoughts On This New Next Door Male, You Guys?”

  1. Fuck, this boy has it all!.. Best of Luck Buddy! Just one thing… Don’t listen to the haters, they just like to hate..

    Yours Truly,
    Jayden Grey

  2. Maybe he is a Type O Negative fan?
    But his legs remind me of mine in the beginning of my career… they need some work…
    but over all, he gets my vote!

  3. Carlos Eduardo

    LMFAO everybody thinks he has a odd look! This guy look is awful! Next Door Studios is making a big mistake with those freak look guys! Rod Daily is the worst of’em he with the gross artificial tan!

  4. I think he’s hot, but why the tat on the arm of a female? That’s just annoying. The skull & wings would have looked better as pubes.

  5. Carlos Eduardo

    I like tattoos but this guy looks like he came from a straight porn movie if you don’t consider the over amount of make up! He is too taned i hate white guys that use artificial tan it’s not hot it’s gross! He’s chest is fine and cock too but he needs to let the pubes hair grow! Anyway i don’t like him cause he is carefull too much wiht appearance for me man only needs to go to the Gym get a muscular body and have a great hygiene!

  6. He needs to get some pubes, grow out the leg hair a bit, and never – NEVER – do the baseball cap again. It’s not flattering.

    Otherwise, I’d do him.

  7. He looks like someone Photoshopped together a bunch of different characteristics that people find attractive (elflike face, tattoos, fauxhawk, etc.) and then brought it to life. Is he genetically engineered for porn like the Bel Ami guys? Because if he is, they fucked up the process somewhere. They’re not supposed to *look* like they’ve been genetically engineered.

  8. his right arm tattoo is more likely a work in progress. they start out with the outline and fill it up with detail later on (when they have more money, or time b/c that’s a lot of hours for one sitting). even with that, the placement of his tats are too sporadic, with no rhyme or reason. even though a person like logan mccree is way more tatted than this guy, his tattoos as a whole coincide with one another.

    as far as his body and face go, he’s attractive, but certainly nothing special.

    1. That link was hilarious…I can’t stop laughing thinking about it. He’s a good looking guy…the pix just suck.

  9. He just looks odd and unnatural somehow. It’s like he’s got that facial hair and all those tattoos to compensate for the fact he has a highly androgynous face.

  10. I would totally fuck this dude. He is hot! The only issue I have is the lack of pubes. Don’t really care about the tats. It makes him a little rough looking which blends well with the baby face even if they are tacky.

  11. Not liking the face personally. The body looks ill proportioned. Beautiful cock.
    And … UGLY DISTRACTING TATTOOS. I think there should be a news item the next time a studio hires a performer that does not have a tattoo. Like with a bell and big bold letters to signal how unusual that would be. Sigh

  12. He just goes to show Next Door’s active practice of bringing a diverse guys to the sites…provided the guy isn’t to “gay” or darker than Austin Wilde. If your a fan, Zach, then in addition to the solo, I think you can at least expect a straight scene and likely a “servicing” scene or two with Rod, Austin, or Marcus since newbies usually get a 3 or 4 scene deal.

  13. The positive: He’s a cute guy. The negative: why not be a bit more natural? Natural is a good thing! Don’t try so hard and he would be great.

    1. I agree with you, the different aspects are alright in isolation, but together it is freakish, no doubt.

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