Sorry I Missed This

While I was still blacked out and curled up in a ball on the floor surrounded by a pool of what I pray to god was my own vomit, Jesse Santana and Riley Price were somehow able to make it back from the Grabbys in Chicago and hop on an L.A. stage Tuesday night to give away DVDs of Golden Gate: Season 2. They look amazing as usual, but are they even human?

The hostess was Morgan McMichaels, the star performers were, again, Riley and Jesse, the venue was MJ’s, and if you weren’t there to get your free copy of GG S2, buy one here. Or, watch it right now here.

Showers in nightclubs make me nervous.

Jesse with Rolling Blackouts’ Gabe Ayala (who partnered with NakedSword to arrange this event for us—thank you Gabe!!!).

Below, GP Crush and Morgan, who I’m told asked to see people’s dicks if they wanted free DVDs.

[Rolling Blackouts; Golden Gate]


12 thoughts on “Sorry I Missed This”

  1. @iltman…”He is finer then 1000 thread count cotten”..haha! Good one! I have seen quite a few guys that fits that description lately! Are guys in general just looking better? Or am I just horny?! :)

  2. WOW I alays thought Jesse was sexy but now! He is finer then 1000 thread count cotten, Now when are we going to see him paired with Tony Buff for some kink action.

  3. Yeah, when Jesse first hit the scene and up to about a year ago, I thought he was just okay, nothing special – but damn, over the last year the guy seems to have gone from something just a step above a twink and moved into full MAN territory – and it looks GOOD on him. The mature handsome face, the hairy chest and thighs, the nipple rings bringing attention to his rather large nipples – the guy has it going on!

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