Sorry Ladies, Quinn Christopher Jaxon (a.k.a. Randy Blue’s Kurt Madison) Is Engaged

Go-go boy, dancer, gay underwear model, gay indie film actor, gay tickling video performer, and owner of one of the world’s greatest asses (and cocks) Quinn Christopher Jaxon (a.k.a. Randy Blue solo jerk-off hunk “Kurt Madison“) is getting married. To a woman.

Photo of Quinn proposing to his lucky bride (Facebook via Boy Culture), followed by a sort of cunty status update confirming the news. Calm down, queen.

I always thought Quinn was gay, partly because he is hot and that’s what I wanted to believe, but also because HE SEEMS REALLY GAY. Guess I was wrong. He might have seemed completely natural appearing in literally the gayest videos ever made, but it turns out he was just acting.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Here is one of Quinn’s gayest videos:



54 thoughts on “Sorry Ladies, Quinn Christopher Jaxon (a.k.a. Randy Blue’s Kurt Madison) Is Engaged”

  1. I find Quinn lovely, may he be gay, straight, bi or whatever. Dear Quinn, thank you for sharing your loveliness with us, and ignore those bile spewing jerks.

  2. I hope the numerous negative and often hurtful comments that appear on this site do not reflect the mind set of the larger gay community. If they do we are a sorry lot.

  3. I can’t complain because I’ve NEVER bought gay porn in my life. Thank you redtube, pornhub, xvideos, etc… This is one of the reason why.

  4. I think guys who call themselves gay-for-pay, which is totally fake, should never be granted a chance to earn money through the real gay guys out there. Afterwars, it’s common to see those phony straights saying homophobic remarks and dealing with their past as a gay porn star with scorn.

  5. Apologists for guys like this and g4pers kill me. Y’all have it backwards. Gays aren’t being intolerant or hypocritical by pointing out what’s wrong with behavior like this. That’s like saying someone is employing reverse racism simply by pointing out racism. That’s some backwards ass apologetic bullshit.

    Guys like this – and gay4payers – who insist on wearing the “straight” label like some badge of honor despite everything in their behavior indicating completely otherwise are the ones who are in the wrong. The voices in the community (which these guys are exploiting and insulting at the same time) who speak out against this type of shit are in the right. If a label of anything but “straight” is so psychologically reprehensible to these guys then that says a lot about how they feel about anyone who isn’t “straight”. Just like you give up the right to call yourself a “Christian” when your behavior is not in line with Christianity and therefore makes you a hypocrite, so too do you lose the right to wear the label “straight” like some badge of honor when everything about you – what you do and say – indicates otherwise. Although that’s not going to stop them from doing so, people are inevitably going to stand up for their community and say “you know what motherfucker? No! No, you don’t get to waddle around in our community and ACT like one of us for a few dollars and to get your kicks yet STILL claim to be “straight” because your mind can’t handle seeing yourself for what you really are.”

    That’s not intolerance – that’s standing the fuck up for yourself and your sexuality. That’s pointing out how THEY’RE the ones who find any non-straight label applied to themselves to be so deplorable that they expect everyone else to respect their internal homophobia and denial – they expect everyone to give them the “freedom” to “label themselves” and ignore the fact that their desire to label themselves in the way they so desperately feel compelled is IN AND OF ITSELF homophobic.

    Are they going to stop? No. Because they are paralyzed by their own bullshit so much that they aren’t capable of the insight required to be honest with themselves. We really can’t blame them for it or hold it against them. It’s sad, it’s pathetic and it’s almost amusing. What we can do is not buy into it and not fucking be apologetic about it FOR them simply because we think they’re hot or because of some misguided belief that we’re being “open minded” by accepting their bullshit.

    That’s called being a fucking doormat and letting people spit in your face while they take your money. That’s not tolerance, that’s uninsightful weakness. Which is EXACTLY what they think Of gays in the first place, and EXACTLY why they so desperately want to see themselves as “straight”. You fucking idiot apologists are just reaffirming their pathology while you play good little complicit faggot. Nice job, jackfucks.

    1. Amen to that , you know i was the kind of gays that always said ‘Oh a g4p , i dont care as long as they do his job’ but now after watching their behavior towards gay community and the fact that they are multiplicating Like fucking rats now i can clealy say I HATE GAY FOR PAY no matter if they deserve a fucking Oscar for they performance.
      And we all that at one time Of their lives they will turn into ‘normal people’ you know getting married, having children, searching for a real job ,dont give a shit for gay community anymore and at the forgetting about their ‘dark past’ , you know like Dustin Zito.

  6. It’s interesting how so many gay men preach open mindedness, until there’s something that they don’t agree with. Then the gloves come off and they turn into sexist phobic assholes. Maybe for the REALLY REALLY flaming gay men, sexuality is black or white. But for most of us, sexuality is a little more involved than that.

    1. Yea “get Real”…Your sexuality is more involved than that…it’s called confused/denial LoL
      I hope you come to a decision before the end of your life :-)

    2. Are you serious? It seems like people here haven’t seen any of this guys interviews. Quinn IS “REALLY REALLY flaming gay” in his mannerisms.

  7. ¨Oh yeah im going to do gay porn, because where I come from there are no other jobs¨¨ no one buy this shit, and judging him by some interviews , and fb updates I saw he seems to be stupid as a rock. And about his heterosexuality, cmon RuPaul is masculine next to him. Oh and he delete the post on fb the one saying that he is enganged I think he saw that it has affected his ‘career’ what an idiot if you love someone do it despite what everyone says.

  8. To my knowledge this fool has never said he was gay or bi he is nothing but another g4per leeching off of gay men for money.So there my advice to him take your str8 wanna be ass and your bitch and get a 9 to 5 job and stop leeching off of gay men for money don’t appear in any more porn videos or under-wear video aim at gay men either just sail away with your bitch so we don’t ever hear from you again.Start by deleting yourself from twitter,Facebook,Myspace and all E-mails and any other place you mite be on the internet be sure to follow my advice and we will be over you in no time at all.And please ask Randy-Blue to remove all your skanky pictures too while your at it be gone oh” foolish one? may she give you a venereal disease warts and all because your a toad!

    1. Your sword name should be SuperDumb… We realize you’re pissed because you didn’t get the ring, the cock, and that ass. No need to be a bitter queen about it. I’m sure there’s some old gay, married, sorta bisexual troll out there for you… My gay husband & I (me gay too) will think positive thoughts for you.

    2. You need to get a life , he’s a “model” , not a “gay porn actor”. He does a good job for what he’s hired to do and that’s all that matters!
      HOw is it that gays turn out to be the most discriminating people one can meet when they spend their time bitching about being discriminated against?? Has he ever said anything “homophobic” ? I think not , but if I was him , reading the comments here could make me become like that.
      DO you work in a company owned by a straight person? If so you should be fired . Yeah that makes sense…
      If you don’t like it , apply to replace him and watch your ass get kicked out , as I’m sure all that resentment and bitterness is showing on your face :)

    3. Totally agree with you, straight men should stop seeing the gay community as a paycheck , btw i dont buy this shit, i mean, he just have her the ring (cheap and ugly) in one aquarium wow how romantic this got to be a joke or the girl is just simply deseperate

  9. “My fiance is a soft core underwear model and all I got was this lousy engagement ring. Oh, yea …and his big dick.” Congrats, kids !!

  10. I saw an old Oprah segment with G4P performers. One was KW who says that he is not even bisexual. He is getting married and has 3 kids with this woman. When they interview his GF, she thinks he is gay, that he wouldn’t do half the stuff on film if he was st8 even for money. I feel sorry for her because if she truly loves him, she’s going to get dumped down the road for a man. Count on it.

    1. Actually the show KW appeared on was Tyra… Search and you’ll find the article and google too.

  11. So, another straight boy playing the gays for show… yeah, I’m over it. Trust me; there are cuter guys with bigger dicks than his.

    Congrats on his engagement; no hate there… just don’t see any need to be played.

  12. Why are we suprised/ bitter? I’m confused???? Straight/Bisexual men marry women everyday/ all year. Are we feeling buyers remorse, we brought into the fantasy that he was one of us, or he like all the other Straight men doing/performing in Gay porn stole/ran off with our money? For anyone who forgot, it is called porn actors/acting, they are only interested in earning a paycheck! Stop getting way to involed in the fantasy, bust your nut and move on!

  13. Wtf , i once saw a tweet of him sayin ‘ iam sucking a huge dick right know’ or something like that I SWEAR you can scroll.
    Oh well its his life, but he seems so confused , anyway sawing his interviews ,twitter, fb etc he doesnt seem such an smart person

  14. WTF I saw a tweet of him saying ‘i am sucking a big dick right now’ or something like That, I SWEAR you can scroll .
    Oh man he seems confused , oh well its his life anyway he doesnt seems to be such an smart person

  15. He proposed in an aquarium(?) with someone’s (his?) stroller in the background, wearing a green T-shirt with cut-off sleeves (that’s two sizes too big) and I’m guessing athletic shorts.

    Wow. What a romantic…

      1. :/

        This isn’t fuckin’ Oz, Dorothy. Sayin’ it three times won’t make it true.

        URDUMB… how apropos. (Notice that to address you by your handle is to call you dumb. Perhaps, if you were clever, you could’ve come up with a better nick.)

  16. He never did any man-on-man and did mostly solos, so you can’t even argue he’s obviously gay because he fucked a guy (not that this would mean anything, since bisexuals are actually people who exist). Let me guess, he has effeminate mannerisms so he must be repulsed by vagina, right?

  17. Congratulations!!! people in here are so square minded and bitter people is the XXI century!!! get over it! ! Plus they have a baby 2gether!!!

  18. Sad woman…i guess with a shortage of men..this is her only option ..which pic above will they use for the invites?…Lol

    1. OneOfTheManyChris

      Most straight men are ugly and ungroomed and used to having their partners fake orgasms. I bet she thinks she’s lucky.

  19. From boyculture reader, sparks:


    I’ve known other gay men to dupe themselves into thinking it was cool to get involved with a woman. Oh look I’m not a label! Oh look I can be normal!

    Never ends well. Never. Unfortunate for them, more so for their vict..women.”



  20. When you can’t find a decent job or secure a decent wage or you need to continually feel validated…it’s time to do gay porn, it is better that therapy or college studies for straight men but it comes with so much regret once you are old news

  21. ALl these efforts were made to produce the “It gets better” videos , and now this!! Expect a massive wave of gay suicides in the following weeks :((
    Still I wish him the best -_-

  22. Okay, why do straight woman fall in love with gay porn stars? I would re-think that notion. Maybe women are that desperate for husbands.

    1. OneOfTheManyChris

      Some women truly are not bothered by the thought of their spouses having had male partners in the past any more than they are by the thought of their spouses having had female partners in the past. It’s called not being sexist and homophobic.

      Marrying a sex worker is a whole ‘nother thing, but sex workers don’t seem to have much trouble getting laid and married in real life.

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