Do You Have the Balls to Bowl With Malik Delgaty?

Is this one of the silliest scenes of the year so far? Yes. Do I care? No, because would you look at how damn cute Malik Delgaty is in his bowling shirt?!

Sorry, I’m weak. I mean, Malik is handsome anyway, but something about that tight striped shirt with it’s chest-revealing opening and biceps-hugging sleeves sends me over the edge. Especially when we see that big boner of his poking it from below. I normally don’t like bowling, but I would polish my blue balls in a second for a chance at playing (and hopefully not striking out!) with Malik. And Angel Santana has the same idea, as he’s keen to get some tips on his form.

Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana

Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana

Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana

We’ve mostly seen Angel at CockyBoys so far (including some very hot scenes with Manuel Skye, Lane Colten and Braxton Cruz), but this year he’s started to branch out with scenes at TheBroNetwork, Noir Male and now his first-ever scene. In addition to wanting tips on his form, Angel wants tips on the celebratory dance moves he sees Malik perform. When he twerks, his pants split open—and Malik goes for that hole right in the bowling alley.

Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana

Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana

Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana Malik Delgaty, Angel Santana

Yes, we must endure their bowling buddies in the background pretending not to know what’s going on. But once we get to enjoy the action of Angel getting manhandled in both of his holes, there’s a lot to enjoy—especially the bottom sitting down on that big dick right in a bowling lane. Then Malik conveniently fucks a load out of Angel at the scoring table (tee hee!) before shooting his wad. (Is it just me, or are Angel’s expressions a little over the top here? Must be the effect…)

See the full scene at!


25 thoughts on “Do You Have the Balls to Bowl With Malik Delgaty?”

  1. Wow there are a lot of haters. Personally, I don’t mind having a girl in the scene, as long as she isn’t having sex in the scene or being naked (because really, as a gay man, I don’t want to see that). But if having a girl in the scene adds to the story-telling of the scene, then why the heck not? It’s obvious that MANY gay men have an attraction to “straight” men as one of the oldest taboos in history, and in that case, what could be hotter than two guys having sneaky sex right “in front of” the girl? Come on, if any of us were able to do this in real life, it would be hot.

    And while Malik claims to be “straight” in real life, what difference does that make? He’s still hot as fuck with a killer body. He still fucks like any other guy would. Maybe in Malik’s mind, he has no problem having sex with anyone. Maybe it’s just that when it comes to relationships, he wants to be with a girl. And who knows, maybe that’s all due to society’s pressure to be “straight.” Or maybe it’s because someday he wants to have a baby – in a way that doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars like it would for any “gay” man to have a surrogate. At the end of the day, anyone should be able to fuck whoever they want to fuck and enjoy it without any external pressures from anyone else to be “this way” or “that way.” As long as it’s legal and no one is getting hurt, who are we to judge?

    The one wish that I do have is that promotional photos not be so “staged” and unrealistic. I mean, really? We can afford to at least simulate the sex, right? We don’t have to be staring into the camera in every shot or making funny faces. It can’t be too difficult to have the models get in a few strokes before asking them to pause to take the picture and have them focus on each other, as they would in the full scene, rather than trying to make “the sexy face” towards the camera. Come on, guys. We can do better photography than this. :)

    1. Universal Potentate

      As you are witnessing a person or few, usually posting as anonymous, lacks any capacity for maturity or intelligence.
      TheSword’s management is considering an IP ban. We’ll see how this plays out.
      In any case, Malik is generally loved by a very sizable audience.

      1. Yes, but then one must consider the intelligence of the average gay man. Ans since, gay men typically think with the brains in the head of their penis . . . .

      2. Absolutely, I have noticed that this is a pattern, which is either simply haters or individuals from another site attempting to smear this site!

        1. Universal Potentate

          Based on the simplistic nature of the comments, being anti-gay or amounting to “eww gross” it’s safe to say that these are teenagers who are entertaining themselves by trolling the message boards. This all started during covid so I imagine some kid(s) were bored at home and happened into this site.
          While this could be grown adults with severe impairments, it’s more likely to be those underaged and hence leaning toward IP bans to protect the site from liability. Other options are being considered.

    2. Obviously written by AI, because no self-effacing, gay man could possibly write anything so ridiculously stupid.

    3. Well said. These other individuals are just posting regularly to spew hate and negatively describe a scene. U think you hit every point on point. Malik is a sexy man who can distinguish sex for pay and sexual desires in every day life. He seems to refuse to live by standards others place in luffe.

  2. Malik Delgaty was a very pleasant young man, but he let his fame go to his head and now he is spoiled, quarrelsome, bad-tempered and unfriendly.

      1. This is not correct. I praise several artists with more than 1K followers, but I can also complain whenever I want. Freedom of speech still exists in America.

  3. Will Men ever get over the Comic Sans facial expression and the random women? The expressions and women are distracting.

  4. Universal Potentate

    So yet again, we don’t get to see holes, know where the cum goes or get anything other than boiler plate angles.
    These actors are too good for this.

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