Pierce Paris, Edward Terrant

Pierce Paris Gets His Nuts Demolished For ‘Balls Crusher’ Video

This week, Bromo is set to release a brand new Pierce Paris scene called Balls Crusher and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. We’re fully going to be getting a video that’s all about this porn star getting his crotch orbs absolutely destroyed by another man.

For the vid, Pierce can be seen wearing only a ski mask and rocking some instructions scribed across his torso that instruct scene partner Edward Terrant to “crush my balls”. Edward does as Pierce wishes and soon we get to watch the young performer suck, spank, kick, bite, and step all over Pierce’s exposed nuts before using his hard cock and Pierce’s own sack to fill the hung performer’s hole. Take a look below at some preview shots of this intense ball torture:

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So what do you think? Would you let someone do this to your sack? Would you do this to someone else if given the chance? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this entire ballsy vid over at Bromo when it officially drops on Wednesday!

[Watch ‘Balls Crusher’ ft. Pierce Paris & Edward Terrant]


10 thoughts on “Pierce Paris Gets His Nuts Demolished For ‘Balls Crusher’ Video”

  1. absolutely fuck this scenario!!!!!..who thought this was hot?? who the fuck gets off on this?..and before all the haters start saying me, me me….i would like you all to go fuck off and stay away from me!!……now,,,,off you fuck…..keep going…..

  2. Pierce Paris why is he as famous as he is. He’s attractive yes but dude doesnt know how to make hot scenes. Not to mention in his gay ones he’s always flaccid but with women involved he’s hard as a rock. Just because he has a big dick and can fit a bunch of things up his ass doesnt make him the worlds greatest porn star.

  3. Tugged on gently, and lightly tapped, yeah —. And I’d love to have them stuffed up my ass — I’ve never seen that before. But the kicking, twisting, and slapping, no way…. Though some of the images are hot to see….

    1. I’m with you 100% Anonymous. Some of those images are hot to see. And with Edward Terrant in on the action, makes it all that much hotter to me.

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