This Is What Happens When Rafael Alencar Moves In Next Door just revived / continued the 2014 series My Neighbor’s Son with Rafael Alencar and Jack Radley.

Part 1 came out in May 2014, but we had to wait until last week for Part 2, and Part 3 is now out.

Basically, the premise is that Rafael is the straight, married neighbor of Jack and his dad (or pervy stepdad) Dirk Caber in a suburban cul de sac, and Jack is obsessed with his huge cock. Dirk only appeared in Part 1, and in the second part, Jack comes a knocking on Rafael’s door again, and Rafael is pretty mad about it.

Jack shows up with his 18-year-old twink roommate from college, Zac Stevens, promising to show him Rafael’s big uncut dick, and Rafael is annoyed and tries to get them to go away.

The whole exchange is actually kind of hilarious, and Rafael is kind of a good actor.

Then comes Part 3, where Dylan Knight arrives at Rafael’s door saying Jack told him he needed to see Rafael’s cock. Dylan then actually forces himself into Rafael’s house even though Rafael tries to slam the door on him, and then Rafael angrily, really reluctantly pulls out his dick and shoves it down Dylan’s throat, and then takes him the bedroom and fucks him every which way.

Update: And in Part 4, due out on October 26, Rafael is the big top in a reverse gangbang in which he fucks Jack, Zac, Dylan AND Johnny Rapid, and the scene features FOUR different double penetrations, with Johnny serving as the second dick in three of them, until it’s his turn.

Yes, if Rafael were your neighbor, this might happen to you too.

[ My Neighbor’s Son Part 3]

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