This Is What Phillip Aubrey Did To Spencer Reed


If Spencer Reed’s story and the subsequent charges filed against Phillip Aubrey weren’t enough to paint a picture of what happened last Saturday night, here is an actual picture.

Aubrey’s only been charged with simple assault on his ex-boyfriend, but how is something that took 27 stitches to close “simple”?

This photo, along with several others that show a history of physical abuse, was posted to Spencer Reed’s blog this morning. He writes:

Phillip has been both verbally and physically abusive pretty much from the start. Each time has gotten progressively worse. But after each [incident] was followed by what i have learned now to be called the “honeymoon” stage. Where you feel hurt and alone and vulnerable so you allow your abuser to kiss and make up with you. Also i was really in madly in love and always just pushed the bad times to the back of my mind. All seems great for some time sometimes even months. I always knew in the back of my mind that one day something horrible was going to happen. But i just always hoped for the best.
More here. Phillip Aubrey is due in court on July 25th.


15 thoughts on “This Is What Phillip Aubrey Did To Spencer Reed”

  1. This just proves that not all abusers are big hulking beasts….Psycho Bottle Job was by far the physically smaller of the two, and yet he was the abuser. I admit, for years I viewed Spencer Reed as coming across like a bit of a douche somehow, but in light of what has happened to him, I apologize for that train of thought. I still think, though, that if he truly wants a man in his life, he should exit the business…his chances of finding another psycho may go down if he does…however, I am guessing he’s not going to be dating anyone for a long while after this.

  2. Yep, that’s how abusive relationships work. Or rather don’t.

    When they’re over you can’t understand how you didn’t just walk out.

  3. This picture is poetic, sad and symbolic. In one sense, shows a really hot guy: muscular, masculine, massive but on the other one, the scar shows the dynamics of real life, a vulnerable person. It shows how porn is such a strong fantasy that make us forget that hot guy in the picture, that relationships and that people are more that a cum shot.

    Hope all gets better for Phillip and Spencer. :(

  4. Crazy can be gaged in how long and deep the cut is. This looks pretty Norman Batesey. And thank the doc for keeping the tat intact!

    1. No one, and I mean NO ONE, claimed it WAS self defense. Merely the claim was (horror of horrors) that we should WAIT to find out more information before we ASSUMED we knew everything that happened. Why does the idea of caution and not jumping to conclusions make some of you zealots so hysterical and cause you to twist words into something that wasn’t even said?

  5. Poor guy. :( Make sure to put vitamin E on it everyday. It will help big time with the scar. Also, drink aloe water a few times a week. It helps heal from the inside out.

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