Things Perez Hilton Is Obsessed With: Jennifer Garner’s Daughters

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Entries/photo captions on concerning Jennifer Garner and her two daughters, Violet and Serphina, starting with July 4th, 2011, and ending sometime in 2006:

–Such a patriotic family! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took the kiddies out to watch the Fourth of July parade in their home neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Monday. The cutie fam had brunch at Shutters at the Beach in Santa Monica then headed over to the parade where they found the perfect seats to watch all the festivities go down. Adorable Violent and Seraphina waved their American flags proudly as the parade marched on.Jen was seen spraying sunscreen on the girls and even shared a sweet moment with her hubby when Ben reached over and kissed her hand. After all the years, the love is definitely still alive. Hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth!

–This family is just too much! Ben Affleck was spotted holding his daughter Violet as he and Jen Garner ran around El Lay on Thursday afternoon. Where was little Seraphina? Probably at home taking a nap. That’s okay though…it’s nice for Violet to get some alone mommy-daddy time! Hope you all had a good afternoon!

–Look at that face! Jennifer Garner gave her gorgeous daughter Seraphina a kiss on the cheek just before playing on the slides and swings in a Santa Monica, CA playground. It’s so cute to catch such a sweet moment between mother and daughter. Jennifer and Ben really do have such beautiful daughters. And they’re the absolute spitting images of their lovely mother!

–We can’t say it enough! We just ADORE them! Jennifer Garner was once again spotted out and about with her adorable daughter, Violet Affleck, grabbing a delicious FroYo snack from yummy Menchies! Check out the two of them (above)! Always spending so much quality time together! We’re obsessed! Hope you guys had fun!

–A momma’s work is never done. On Saturday, Jennifer Garner took her eldest daughter to the birthday party of Tobey Maguire’s son Otis in Brentwood. Seeing as Violet skipped all the way to the house, we think she was excited about it! We truly love seeing celebrities spend afternoons like this. Very relaxed, living the life other non-famous mom’s do on a daily basis. We’re so pleased Jen has been able to create that environment for her kids. Hopefully they showed their appreciation for it yesterday.

–On Saturday, Jennifer Garner and her eldest, Violet, were spotted together in Santa Monica after Vi’s ballet class. The two shared a snack and a smile as they walked passed the awaiting photogs. Well, Jen walked. Violet sashayed! HA! That’d a girl! The sidewalk is your dance floor! Have fun! We bet, without a shadow of a doubt, that this mom’s two little girls took very good care of her yesterday. She absolutely deserved the best Mother’s Day a mami could have!

–Awww! How cute is that?? Check out the pics of Jennifer Garner and her little ones out picking fresh veggies together! That’s def one way to get them to eat’em: add a little adventure! Everything just tastes better when you pick it yourself, too!

–Hope everything was fun and yummy! It’s nice to see you guys creating cute memories like this despite your fame. Though, it’d probably be a nicer memory without the sound of the paparazzi’s shutters as its soundtrack!

–Aw! It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen the whole family together! So rare! We’re so pleased! Saturday, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted out and about Los Angeles with our favorite angelic faces – their daughters, Violet and Seraphina! It’s looks like those two little ones are a bit tuckered out. You guys must’ve had a great day together! Check out more precious pics of the fam walking back to their place in the gallery (below).

–Our faves! So nice to see them out and about again! Yesterday, Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Affleck went shopping in Santa Monica, taking in the gorgeous California sun and a few precious hours of bonding! That’s nice, but where is Seraphina? We haven’t see that little nugget in awhile! P.S. – Those glasses make Violet look like the cutest little smarty pants of all time! LOLZ!

–Sometimes, a girl just needs a little alone time with her mom! Over the weekend, Violet Affleck was spotted being as good as gold for her mother, Jennifer Garner, as the two went shopping in Brentwood. Even though Jen’s newest flick wasn’t such a hit with the critics, it didn’t stop her from spending her paycheck on this and that! Plus, what does it matter anyway! You think that little darling face cares what the critics say! Nah! Obviously, Jen knows what kind of company she should keep!

–We will never get tired of watching these kids grow up! Every time we see them, we just get a HUGE smile on our face! Check out the latest pictures of our FAVORITE celebrity children, little Violet and Seraphina Affleck, who were spotted having what looks like an amazing day at the beach with their grandma up in Malibu (above and below)! We guess Jen and Ben needed some downtime! SO cute! And look how much fun they’re all having together! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but we cannot BELIEVE how big they’re both getting! Hope you guys had a fantastic day! Keep up the fun!

–We can’t believe how big they’re getting! Jennifer Garner was spotted leaving a dental office yesterday with her daughters, Violet and Seraphina, and it’s like they’re growing up before our very eyes! So adorable! Hopefully you young ladies have been brushing your teeth! Cavities are no fun! LOLz!

–Well look at what our favorite Hollywood family is up to today! Ben Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Garner, were once again spotted spending some quality time with their ADORABLE daughter, Violet, grabbing a delicious frozen yogurt snack at Menchie’s in Santa Monica (above and below)! We can’t express enough how much we love seeing these two be so hands-on and attentive to their kids! And we LOVE the glasses, Violet! Tres chic! Hope you all had a nice afternoon! Thoughts??

–Awwww. Look how big she is! While exiting an eye exam in Santa Monica on Thursday, Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck were sporting matching glasses and smiles. So sweet. They even make walking look precious! We just love, love, love them!

–Yesterday, Jennifer Garner had some errands to run during the day in Santa Monica. She was spotted strolling the promenade with her littlest darling, Seraphina, who seemed to be enjoying the sunshine and time alone with her mommy! Adorbs! Such a happy baby!

-Love, love, love, love, LOVE THEM! We dare you to show us a cuter mother-daughter trio than Jennifer Garner and her daughter’s, Seraphina and Violet Affleck. Actually, don’t bother, because we can’t be swayed! These three are just the cutest lil’ family we’ve ever seen! Jen took her girls out for a play day in Brentwood this weekend and by the looks of their happy faces, these kiddies just had the best time ever! Heck, by the look of Jen’s face they had the best time ever! We just can’t stress it enough: WE LOVE THEM!

–They are too cute! Jennifer Garner, along with lil’ Seraphina and Violet, headed out for a day of fun in Brentwood on Friday. So sweet.

–Adorbs! Adorbs! Adorbs! The bigger Violet gets, the cuter she and her mom become! Yesterday, Jennifer Garner was spotted with her eldest heading off to a playdate in El Lay. Even after all this time, Violet still is a little ham for the cameras! So cute! We have no doubt our fave mommie-daughter duo are going to be besties when she grows up!

–The smiles are back! After yesterday’s mini temper tantrum, we’re so happy to see the dimples and smiles on Violet’s face again! Even momma Jennifer Garner looks happy too, as she takes Violet to a birthday party in Los Angeles. We just love this adorable family!

–This is so unlike her! We’re so used to seeing adorable dimple-faced cutie pie Violet Affleck smiling and having fun! She must have been having a bad day when mom Jennifer Garner picked her up from school. Violet couldn’t help but show her temper, stomping her feet and looking a little angry in front of the paps. Meanwhile, dad Ben Affleck is away on the set of his newest film Oklahoma. Maybe Violet misses daddy? Jen is such a good mom though, she swooped in for a hug to calm her little angel down. Feel better, Violet! We love to see your happy, cute face!

–Our absolute FAVORITE mother/daughter pair! We love getting to see them spend time together! Jennifer Garner was spotted with her ADORABLE daughter Violet yesterday, picking up some children’s books for the two to enjoy at the local library, and we can’t believe how much the cutie pie is starting to look like her mom! And of course, it’s so nice to see that reading is clearly a priority in their family! We hope you guys had a lovely day!

–They are just adorable! Truly one of our favorite mommy/daughter duo trios ever! Jennifer Garner didn’t let a little murky weather hold her back from taking her girls out for a day at the park this week. The Hollywood momma turned in her mini dress for a mini van and stepped out as a bonafide soccer mom for her eldest, Violet! Tagging along to watch her big sis play was lil Seraphina, who is just getting cuter and cuter by the second! Sweet! Isn’t it nice to see such happy children?! That’s what life is all about!

–So precious! The Afflecks were spotted having family time down in Santa Monica over the weekend, enjoying the park together and watching a soccer team practice on a nearby field! Ben and Jen booth looked so happy and relaxed with the girls! And we don’t think we’ve ever seen Seraphina or Violet with a nanny or sitter ONCE! So hands on! What a rarity in this town! We hope you guys had a LOVELY day! It’s always such a joy to see those little girls smiling!

–They’re getting so big! Jennifer Garner was snapped in Santa Monica with her girls Violet and Seraphina going to check out some magic shows at Magicopolis. Sounds fun — good idea, Mom!

–Adorbs! Jennifer Garner was snapped with former Alias co-star Victor Garber on a lovely stroll in New York City with her daughters Violet and Seraphina. It’s nice to see that the two of them still get along and spend time with each other!

–Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Violet, and Seraphina looked absolutely precious as they stepped out for some shopping and lunch at the Country Mart in Brentwood, CA, this weekend. We can’t believe how big the girls are getting! They’re going to grow up to look just like momma!

–This is the cutest celeb kid ever!! Jennifer Garner took adorable little Violet to a nail salon for a mommy-daughter day in Brentwood, CA. Was this the dimpled cutie’s first pedi?? We can’t think of anything more precious!

–We think Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are DEFINITELY doing something right!! Their ADORABLE daughter is never spotted without a smile on her face!! Garner was photographed shopping with little Violet at a Gelson’s Supermarket Saturday and the cutie pie looked so excited to be helping her mom with the groceries!! It’s great to see another hands-on celebrity mom!! Violet’s definitely going to grow up all the better for it!!

–She’s adorable! Jennifer Garner was spotted picking up daughter Violet from pre-school with little Seraphina in tow. Both of the girls are getting so big — we wonder if she and husband Ben Affleck going to try for a boy?!

–Looks like little Violet was enjoying some mother-daughter time this past Wednesday at the happiest place on Earth. Jennifer Garner decided to leave the hubby behind and her 1-year-old cutie Seraphina at home while she enjoyed the day alone with Violent at Disneyland. And by the looks of things, the two had a great time! Who wouldn’t at Disney? Garner was seen throughout the park with Violet enjoying the sights and trying to avoid the long lines. They were then spotted taking a ride on the Storybook Land Canal Boats and even going for a spin on the famous Mad Tea Party teacups. Too cute!

–When you’re a kid, nothing’s more fun than a trip to the park! Mommy Jennifer Garner took Violet and Seraphina to the park in Brentwood on Saturday where the girls had tons of fun! Seraphina looks like she’s having the time of her life on the lion! And she’s getting so big!!! So cute.

–She is SO adorable! That precious Violet Affleck was seen out in Brentwood feeding the ducks in the park pond. With the way the sun is shining, she looks like a little angel!

–They just melt our hearts! Jennifer Garner arrived on the set of husband Ben Affleck’s latest film The Town in Boston with daughters Violet and Seraphina in tow! The notoriously private couple even shared a kiss in front of the cameras! Cute!

–Violet Affleck is growing up before our very eyes!!! Violet joined her mommy, Jennifer Garner, on a Sunday morning outing to Starbucks in Brentwood. She’s looking SO much like Jen these days!

–Violet Affleck is such the lil’ fashion plate!!! We can’t get over it! Saturday afternoon Violet accompanied her hands-on mom (the way to be!), Jennifer Garner, on a shopping trip in Brentwood and stole the spotlight from her movie star mommy! The t-shirt with matching purse and glamor girl sunglasses??? Cute cute cute! Let’s hope she doesn’t grow up to be like Tallulah Willis!

–OMG! It’s lil’ Seraphina!!! The rarely seen spawn of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck joined mom, dad and big sis Violet out for dinner in El Lay this weekend. Those chubby cheeks! So adorable!!! We bet Violet loves playing big sis, too. She’s getting so big!

–Devoted momma Jennifer Garner was seen dropping off pig-tailed daughter, Violet Affleck, at school on Thursday. We think Violet be an actor just like her parents! She’s adorable and loves the attention!!!!

–Little Violet Affleck is is growing up so quickly! The adorable 3-year-old was spotted on Thursday in Boston, MA, with mom Jennifer Garner. The family is currently in Ben Affleck’s hometown while he films his new flick, The Company Men. Jen was seen taking Violet for a swim at a nearby hotel. The two then headed to lunch. And check out Violet’s hair. It’s so long! Too cute.

–OMG! So presh! Jennifer Garner was spotted with youngest daughter, Seraphina, in Poppa Affleck’s hometown of Boston on Friday. Just wanna pinch those cheeks!

–Could it be? The newest addition to the Affleck-Garner household??? It is! Baby Seraphina joined mommy Jennifer and big sis Violet for an outing in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon! She is so adorable! Those chubby lips are too cute for words!!!

–Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck aren’t your typical “Hollywood” parents. They don’t have the nannies go and take care of the kids or pick them up from school. They do the mom and dad thing themselves. Shocker!!!!! And just yesterday, Jennifer picked up the adorable Violet Affleck from pre-K. The two then spent some quality mommy-daughter time as they went to enjoy some frozen yogurt. Truly presh! And somewhat unheard of in the celebrity world. P.S. Vi is still one of our favoritest celebrity tots!

–We love violets – and Violet! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s eldest daughter is just too cute for words. She’s got to be the happiest kid in Hollywood! On Thursday, mommy Jen picked up Violet from school in Santa Monica. Unlike a lot of Hollywood moms, Garner actually likes picking up her daughter form school and, you know, spending time with her!

–Jennifer Garner is the proud mother of a new baby – another girl! The actress gave birth Tuesday in Los Angeles. No further details have been released yet. What do you think they named her??? We vote for Lily! It goes well with Violet!

–Speculation has run rampant! Is Jennifer Garner sperminated??? Each day her tummy seems to be swelling. Ben Affleck’s lady showed off a bulging belly while out to lunch in Brentwood on Friday. Hey, guessing someone is pregnant is a lot better than thinking they might be heading to rehab!

–The buzz is starting to build.Jennifer Garner has been putting on some weight and wearing very loose-fitting clothes. Is she expecting baby #2????? What do U think??

–Violet Affleck looking as adorable as ever. She’s so damn cute! And her mommy is really good to her! On Friday, Jen took her to the Treehouse Social Club so she could play with other kiddies and be a nice, normal, adjusted, happy child. Her doting mom is the reason why she’s probably always smiling!

–They are still in Hawaii! One of our favorite Hollywood tots, little Violet Affleck, spent some time on a farm with mom Jennifer Garner on Wednesday morning. Jen and Vi both fed the horse carrots and nicknamed it Jennifer Aniston. They do have a striking resemblance!

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  1. I do not know any gay man that goes to his site anymore – only straight women. Strange, but serious!?! He is so irrelevant. I forgot he existed until your mention.

  2. I didn’t read all of what you wrote here but, it might help you to consider two things;

    1. It has long been rumored that Perez’ sister writes a lot of what is on his blog and that she and Perez in turn have hired and intern assistants who are also writing stuff. Like it or not, Perez is the steward of a multi-million dollar BRAND, you can’t really think this guy actually gives a shit about Jenifer Garner or Ben Affleck or their kids. I can see girls (like Perez’ sister etc) having this “princess complex” and thinking it’s oh so “dreamy” to be married to Ben Affleck and to have Ben Affleck’s kids etc.

    2. While Perez Hilton is a very visible gay MAN, the fact of the matter is that the primary readers of this blog(s) are female. In short, as with Out Magazine, GAY MEN are not exactly the TARGET AUDIENCE for Perez’ blog.

    I “infamously” tipped Perez when Jason Curious broke the Stonie Story with the headline – “Borat’s Son because Borat’s Daughter”. However, I am not an avid reader of Perez’ Blog. While Young Gay Smarty Pantes like yourself seem to be DRAWN to Perez’ Blog, the fact remains that is not a gay blog.

  3. I don’t read Perez Hilton. I read DListed. Haven’t been to his page in 5 years, and believe me, it’s so so so easy to forget he exists. If we’re going to get weekly PH stories here, toot-a-loo to you, too.

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