All The Other Offensive Things That NBA Players Were Fined For (That GLAAD Never Whined About)

Someone on a basketball team yelled “fucking faggot” because someone yelled something rude to him, and now he has to pay the NBA $50,000. That’s $25k per word, and GLAAD will gladly take the credit for this punishment, of course. But where was GLAAD during the hundreds of other incidents in which basketball players were fined for saying things that everybody else gets to say for free?

I get that GLAAD only cares about words that are supposed to be offensive to gay people (“faggot”, “tranny”), but then why should anyone who isn’t gay care about an organization that only cares about itself? I don’t even care about GLAAD, and I’m gay. Here’s GLAAD earlier today:

We are confident that the NBA will now take disciplinary measures and hasten its work with us to clearly tell all players that there is no place in the game for anti-gay words and attitudes. […] We’ve been speaking with our contacts at the NBA this morning, who are taking this situation extremely seriously. The NBA has already agreed to work with us on developing ways to effectively reach both players and fans with its inclusive message – and agrees that this needs to be worked on right away.

I don’t like that GLAAD gets to stick their nose into an organization that’s rife with all kinds of violence, foul language, and other misconduct only when it benefits GLAAD. One, that makes gay people look selfish (which they are, but still), and two, gay people don’t even watch sports. You expect me to believe GLAAD was watching “the game” last night? Sure.

Also, being a true arbiter of offensive behavior amongst a group of people means being consistently offended by all the offensive things they do, not jumping in only during certain instances of offensive behavior that only affect you. Why is yelling “faggot” more dangerous to a faggot at GLAAD than, say, one man physically assaulting another man? Where was GLAAD during all these other offensive things?

The NBA suspended Andrew Bynum (LAL) for 5 games for his flagrant foul on
J.J. Barea (Dal) during Sunday’s Dal-LAL game and fined him $25,000 for
taking off his jersey as he left the court. Bynum will serve his
suspension at the start of the next regular season.

The NBA fined Phil Jackson (LAL) $35,000 for his comments to the media on
Thursday about how the officials were not calling fouls committed on Pau
Gasol (LAL).

The NBA suspended Ron Artest (LAL) for 1 game and assessed him a flagrant
foul for hitting J.J. Barea (Dal) in the face late in Wednesday’s Dal-LAL

The NBA suspended Zaza Pachulia (Atl) and Jason Richardson (Orl) for 1
game for their altercation during Friday’s Atl-Orl game.

The NBA fined Nate McMillan (Por) $35,000 for his post-game comments
criticizing the officiating following Saturday’s Por-Dal game.

The NBA fined Phil Jackson (LAL) and the LA Lakers $75,000 each for
comments Jackson made about the collective bargaining negotiations –
Jackson’s comments were about how many suspect that games will be missed
next season. The league strictly prohibits NBA personnel from
discussing publically anything about the negotiations.

The NBA suspended Charlie Villanueva (Det) for 5 games for initiating an
altercation with Ryan Hollins (Cle) during Monday’s Det-Cle game and for
attempting to escalate the altercation after his ejection by trying to
enter Cleveland’s locker room. He served the first game of the suspension
Wednesday and the remaining 4 games will be served at the start of the
next regular season.

The LA Clippers suspended Eric Bledsoe for 1 game for violating team

The NBA fined New Jersey $50,000 for co-owner Jay-Z having been in the
University of Kentucky locker room during the NCAA tournament, which
violated the NBA rule restricting contact between NBA personnel and

The NBA suspended Dwight Howard (Orl) for 1 game for receiving his 18th
technical of the season (an automatic suspension).

The NBA suspended Quentin Richardson (Orl) for 2 games for shoving Gerald
Henderson (Cha) in the face during Wednesday’s Orl-Cha game.

The NBA suspended Matt Barnes (LAL) for 1 game for escalating an
altercation between Jason Terry (Dal) and Steve Blake (LAL) during
Thursday’s Dal-LAL game.

The NBA suspended John Wall (Was) for 1 game and fined Juwan Howard (Mia)
$35,000 and Zydrunas Ilgauskas (Mia) $25,000 for their altercation during
Wednesday’s Was-Mia game.

The NBA suspended Andrew Bynum (LAL) for 2 games for his flagrant foul on
Michael Beasley (Min) during Friday’s LAL-Min games.

The NBA suspended Aaron Brooks (Pho) for 1 game for throwing a ball at a
ref during Friday’s GS-Pho game.

The NBA fined Marco Belinelli (NO) $10,000 for his flagrant foul on Shawn
Marion (Dal) during Wednesday’s Dal-NO game and upgraded the flagrant foul
to a level 2.

The NBA suspended Dwight Howard (Orl) for 1 game for collecting his 16th
technical foul of the season. A player is automatically suspended for 1
game for his 16th, 18th, 20th, … technical foul in the regular season.

The NBA fined Erick Dampier (Mia) $10,000 for his flagrant foul on Tony
Parker (SA) during Friday’s Mia-SA game.

Detroit fined Richard Hamilton, Chris Wilcox, Austin Daye, and Rodney
Stuckey for missing Friday’s shootaround.

Sacramento fined DeMarcus Cousins one game’s pay for his fight with
teammate Donte Greene in the lockerroom following Saturday’s Sac-OKC
game. Cousins did not play in Sunday’s game at Phoenix while the team
reviewed the incident.

8 thoughts on “All The Other Offensive Things That NBA Players Were Fined For (That GLAAD Never Whined About)”

  1. I can’t believe I just read this article on a gay themed website – it seems more appropriate on a fundamentalist Christian webpage. As a previous poster mentioned, GLAAD is an organisation specifically set up to deal with lgbt issues, so it would really make no sense for them to be so vocal about offenses in sport that don’t impact the gay community. And one more thing, i think you should show some respect! If it wasn’t for GLAAD and other gay actvists, straight people would still think that it’s socially acceptable to use that derogatory word. So I am grateful to GLAAD, and I support them in this matter wholeheartedly.

  2. Well, what exactly should GLAAD defend then? Whales? Animal rights? Excessive oil prices? They’re a GAY organization, it’s what they DO. They get involved in gay matters. Calling someone a faggot, is offensive to gay people, and I’m one of them. And no, I don’t believe in that double-standard BS that it’s ok if you’re gay and you say it…. Nuh uh.

    I watch sports, and not because of hot guys doing homoerotic things after they score a point or what have you.

    I watch sports because I like sports, I play sports.

    I get offended when I hear and see these anti-gay things going on court-side, etc. and I am glad that GLAAD is there keeping these rude, disrespectful hating cretins in line.

    Fine the hell out of them, they can afford it. Most of them make more money than anybody is worth, for playing a game. Fine them and then give the money to GLAAD.

  3. What I want to know is how much Next Door studios fined Marcus Mojo for using the same slurs often. You almost expect, but don’t condone, that kind of behaviour from athletes. Especially, when someone is shit talking them but can’t we expect better from straight men that want our money?

    1. This is your last comment accusing one of the NextDoor models of being homophobic, Alex. Not only is it not germane AT ALL to the subject of this post, you have no proof. Until or unless you have proof, your accusations against Marcus, Cody, etc. will not be published here.

      1. Rod Daily had a video on his site where he and Marcus Mojo was making those comments. It was taken down the next day after people started commenting on it on a few other forums (one of them was Just Us Boys). For some reason I can’t link other websites here but there is a thread on JUB called “Samuel O’Toole new show on youtube”. I don’t know if anyone saved it or not or it can be found through a cache.

        As far as GLAAD goes, I have a laundry list of problems with them and HRC but I have no issue with calling out someone’s bigoted statements. You can take out GLAAD and put in NAACP or ADL and they would have done the exact same thing. Look at what happened to Lars Von Trier recently. As far as gays not playing sports come on now you are smarter then that. Not only do they play but there are a number of closeted professional athletes in just about every sport you can name.

  4. Zach I don’t understand your problem with GLAAD only getting involved in anti-gay issues, yes violence is bad for everybody but if it’s not gay or lesbian related then I don’t see how it’s their cause to champion.
    By the way I’m gay and I watch sport, so it does happen. Admittedly I couldn’t give a crap about the game itself and it’s entirely about watching hot guys with great bodies getting all homoerotic in celebration after kicking/hitting a ball of some description, but still I watch it.

  5. ” gay people don’t even watch sports.”

    Oh I know you’re just screaming “FIRE!” but some people may not know the owner and a CEO of a major basketball team (Phoenix Suns) came out as gay, and most of the reaction is “who cares what he does at home”. Not a bad looking guy and worth a mention.

  6. A recent survey claimed that very few gay people (less than 10%) donate money to Gay .Orgs and that the majority of the money Gay .Orgs do get come from a very small number of donors. In other words, Gay .Orgs are not playing to a gay audience, because their money doesn’t come from gay people. Similarly,

    These “white bread gay blogs” claiming to have x hundreds of wealthy gay readers don’t get their money from gay people either.

    What we have here is an entire fucking INDUSTRY that revolves around using the word GAY to get money from advertisers and multi-national corporations.

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