Who Is Most Likely To Have A Meltdown This Weekend?

There’s a lot at stake for a lot of people in the porn industry this weekend in Chicago: Winning a Grabby, winning a Fleshjack contest, not being humiliated at an after party, not being humiliated enough at IML, not being arrested for violating probation and/or a restraining order.

Because the only thing more sensitive than a porn star’s ego is Erik Rhodes’ penis, tell me, who is most in danger of totally losing their shit if something doesn’t go their way this weekend? Place your vote below.



26 thoughts on “Who Is Most Likely To Have A Meltdown This Weekend?”

  1. My god, you people really enjoy watching/hearing other people’s drama. What’s the world come to with people enjoying other people’s meltdowns rather than happy endings? Honestly, I’d rather hear Chris Porter bringing home a Bel Ami model (to share with his leather daddy, obviously) than him going all gangsta on someone.

        1. I’m really going to require someone capture the Bel Ami boys getting puppy snuggles this weekend. Come on, Naked Sword — make it happen.

  2. Pornobobbie Uncut Superhero

    You do NOT wanna see Chris Porter get all gangsta on someone. That dewd is a tough ass mofo!

    As far as a meltdown…….meh. We’ll see what happens!

    Although, Shamama, Sire, and the camera guy getting all the debauchery….YOU BEST GET SOME GREAT MATERIAL FOR .GIFs

    I’m really fuckin bummed I can’t be there this year. Last year, I had the BEST time. Chicago is the shit. I hope everyone who is going has lots of fun and have several meltdowns. :D

  3. I would love for Steven Daigle to surprise us all by being well-behaved and charming all weekend long.

    I would also love a Fleshjack meltdown, but I have it on good authority that the fix was in on that one before voting even started.

    My money’s on Jayden Grey. It will be one way of keeping his name in recent memory until he comes out of retirement in about six months.

  4. I’m going with a write in vote.

    Austin Wilde.

    I predict you will discover that he has been secretly training Tank Wilde to attack twinks, and likely anyone speaking Czech or sucking a lolipop. When the winners of the Fleshlight contest are announced I predict Ryan Raz and Anthony Romero will bar the doors. Austin will utter the kill command, “Topher” and release the pitbull. Chaos and pandemonium will ensue as an 80lb mass of muscle rips through 60lb twinks cooing “look at the cute puppy”, until Eggs and Bacon fearing for the safety of their daddies, whose Nasty Pig gear has gotten hung on their chairs and rendered them helpless, take him down and save the day.

    1. hahaha. Only one thing needs to be changed here- The ones speaking Czech- I’ll have bound and gagged and taken to our hotel room. Then, yes, it’s on! haha

      1. Well you did already threaten to toss a twink out a window, if you didn’t win the Fleshlight comp….so not that much of a leap.

    2. I think he hacked into the surveillance system at our place. I know I should have gone with a 32 key encryption.

    1. I’ll have the flip cam on me at all times, plus we have a cameraman covering the entire weekend, too. We’ll have it covered.

  5. The Bel Ami models will be the most professional and down to earth and least likely to have a meltdown. Those kids are use to the spotlight and are a total class act. My experience with all the choices goes hands down to Jayden Grey. Of course, Howard could pull off an upset since things in Florida are a little rocky from what I hear.

    1. Aww mick, how sweet of you to think of me and make an assumption that things are “rocky”. 49 of my guys coming to participate and my VP of Ops coming to help it work. biz is great and we look onward and upward with more to come

  6. Personally I want to see Chris Porter get all gangsta on somebody! Tee-hee! But my money is on the usual suspects… Roma and Howard. LOL!

  7. The Bel Ami models would be fun… all upset and pissy and cussing in Czech or Hungarian. No one would have a clue what is going on… we would just think they were some twink that took too much GHB.

    1. I can’t wait! I get to do my Fleshjack event with the Bel Ami Boys AND Brent Everett on Friday, May 27th! It’s going to be ridiculous. I’ll have to think of some special stunt to pull to get some extra attention because The Universe knows all of these boys are shades, worlds even, sexier than I am!

  8. Even though “Trent aka Mr Shock you ain’t got sheet on mee, geeve it up Mr Locke” and Snoop Chrisie Chris are going to both be there, it’s hard to ignore Jayden.
    (pre-emptive sorry if I got the lyrics wrong)

  9. Steven, Chi Chi, Diesel, and Jayden:

    – Steven will get arrested for assault (probably involving Jayden).

    – Chi Chi will go ape shit if anyone mentions the word “bareback.”

    – Diesel will if he doesn’t win an award; and will blame it on racism.

    – Whatever happens to Jayden, it’ll end up on twitter.

  10. i would love to see a meltdown from one of the bel ami models, but i get the feeling they’ll be mostly delighted/confused/vaguely nervous the whole weekend and not even know what’s going on.

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