‘You will do crazy things but they only seem that crazy because your [sic] on mushrooms.’

“Now, onto one of my favorite things, Psychedelic Mushrooms. Shrooms are a roller coaster of thought and emotion. They will show you the happiest of happy, and the saddest of sad. This trick with shrooms is to KNOW that they are not a drug and should not be used as such. They are a spiritual experience that everybody ought to try at least once in their lifetime. I have not “tripped” in about a year, but the knowledge I have attained along with the experience of shrooms will never leave me. To somebody who has never experienced psilocybin mushrooms, the explanation of the “trip” I’m about to give will seem unfavorable, but, if approached the right way, there is very few things in this reality that can compare to its greatness. Shrooms are essentially “the essence of death.” Sounds fun right?

“Ok, now to explain the significance of a “temporary death.” The “essence of death” is a very selfish feeling due to the fact, that you are in a small way dying but not to the point of death, to the point of “killing your ego.” While on shrooms your ego (remember number four) is dying and you can see the “light”, from your “Self”, shining through “the shadow” of your ego, which in turn, forces you to be truthful to your “Self” about yourself. Which sounds easy, to an untrained ear, but how many are REALLY truth-full? Not many said ‘I’.

“Things to keep in mind while on or considering “mushing”: First-timers; NEVER DO THEM BY YOURSELF YOUR FIRST-TIME! Make sure you understand that mushrooms are NOT a drug and should NOT be treated as such. They are nothing more than a plant-like specie of fungus. There is such thing as “TOO MANY SHROOMS” and if you get to that point, get ready for a long night. Always make sure that at least one person is sober or is experienced in “mushing”. You will do crazy things but they only seem that crazy because, your on mushrooms. If done correctly, by the end of the “trip” you should feel as though you’ve been re-born. Since during your trip you experienced being that close to “death” you have a much greater appriciation for “life” and all things that are “full-of-life.” Make sure you have lots of good water (nothing that has been: distilled, purified, or reverse osmosis) and healthy food (raw, vegan, organic if possible), just in case you reach to much of a high and need to calm down. If you are not comfortable with yourself, I wouldn’t recommend you take shrooms. Baby steps, young grasshopper!”


Drug taking advice, from autofellatio expert and drop dead gorgeous, red-headed gay porn star James Jamesson.


6 thoughts on “‘You will do crazy things but they only seem that crazy because your [sic] on mushrooms.’”

  1. Didn’t even need to see the picture, just the headline was enough to tell me it was a James Jamessson post.

  2. The more he writes, the more my little heart (and all points southward) get kind of tingly. I can’t explain it. It’s like a case of the giggles that won’t go away.

    1. Also, as advice for taking psychedelics goes, it’s sound. Not that I would know anything about that.

  3. I love it Zach. Could we get a whole series? Marcus Mojo, Cliff Jensen, and Tyler Torro could give advice on pot smoking, including how to use it to number yourself, so you can have gay sex for money. Ken Ryker, James Hamilton, and Trent Diesel could give binge drinking tips. Devin Draz could detail how to commit forgery. Awesome. I await further updates.

    All kidding aside. I was surprised to find that Next Door signed James to an exclusive deal last week. I guess the open drug abuse, the PWL target on his back, and his distasteful management(Isn’t he still with DF?) hasn’t made him undesirable. Odd how they can sign all those gay4pay exclusives but can’t seem to find even one gay performer since Austin they deem worthy.

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