SHOCK: Roman Heart And Benjamin Bradley Split

Gay porn’s most beloved and most tan supercouple are officially no more, as Roman Heart and Benjamin Bradley have announced the end of their six+ years together.

Without giving any details as to why, Benjamin and Roman recently made it official–on Twitter–that they had broken up, and it was a mutual decision. Benjamin told fans, “Yes, [Roman] and I have split. We are still friends. It was a mutual decision, and yes we still love each other very much,” and Roman simply tweeted, “I need a divorce lawyer, this is stressful.” The duo’s membership website, will remain online under Roman’s sole ownership; Benjamin said he isn’t retiring and will stay busy with other projects.

The two first worked together in 2005(!), when Roman asked Benjamin (who hadn’t done porn at that point) to do a scene with him in Falcon’s Driver. Over six years later, the relationship lasted longer than the majority of gay porn careers. Their always personable joint appearances at industry events will no doubt be missed, and if the amount of tribute videos on You Tube is any indication, fans are going to be devastated.

If it’s possible to cry and masturbate at the same time (trust me, it is), here’s Roman Heart and Benjamin Bradley’s first time together on camera:

[Falcon: Driver]


15 thoughts on “SHOCK: Roman Heart And Benjamin Bradley Split”

  1. Roman Heart, “Ben baby, ur dick is too small for me now!”
    Ben Bradley, “Fuk! We’ve seen that gaping hole pic. in Aspen 6! No wonder Las Vegas is called the Gateway to The Grand Canyon!”
    Roman Heart, “Fuk U Ben! I made you! Get out! Get out!”
    Ben Bradley, “Thank you!”
    LMAO!!!!! Im having fun with this!

  2. I guess they had just reached the max-out point on boring each other… can only date yourself for so long before you have a hankering for fresh fruit….

  3. fuck this kid

    I mean lets be serious. when RM was methed up he couldn’t find a cock big enough to satisfy him. So how the fuck could lil bens baby dick do the job this long?

  4. In previous interviews, Roman Heart is all intellectual about being a pornstar. He says, “porn is only one aspect of my life”, well, it’s the only thing in ur life bitch! He has become a “set whore” within the last year. I think Ben Bradley just got tired of her(RH) high maintainence lifestyle. Go Benjamin! Please, no more Roman Heart!

  5. I didn’t even know they were dating. Benjamin Bradley is superhot, but Roman Heart does nothing for me anymore.

    The one and only couple I was sad to see break up was Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas. I really thought they would be together forever, until I read they introduced a 3rd person in their relationship. I knew then that it would all go to hell.

  6. Six years? Didn’t Benjamin get involved with some other guy for a while during his Ginch Gonch days? For a year or so anyway, right?

  7. You seem to have forgotten the period of time when they broke up previously and Benjamin was with Ethan Reynolds.

  8. I had no idea they’d been together that long, would have said it was only a year or two. Well good luck to them both and hope they find future happiness.

  9. besides my concern over their tanning addiction, i always loved these two. they’re just too cute together. i’m grateful i had the chance to meet them in Vancouver this past Christmas! i sincerely hope this breakup means a chance at greater happiness for both of them (despite how sad it makes the rest of us).

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