Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens

This Nico Coopa & Ryder Owens Flip Fuck is Insanely Hot

In case you missed it late last month, Next Door quietly released a hot-as-hell flip fuck with two of the sexiest studs in the business: Nico Coopa and Ryder Owens, a pairing that is straight out of my fantasies.

These two versatile hunks never do a bad scene: Nico’s recent flip fuck with Brandon Anderson stands out, while Ryder’s flip fuck with hung Trevor Harris was amazing. But any scene these two do is fantastic, and seeing them together is even better than I could have dreamed. This 56-minute scene has minimal story, we get a lot of slow building sex with amazing chemistry.

Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens

Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens

Nico plays a married man who strays while at a hotel on a work trip, inviting Ryder over for some anonymous fun. The two start with some sensual kissing and body contact, and then we dive into one of my favorite oral exchanges in recent memory. The two take turns savoring each other’s hot boners, with Nico working up a big strand of spit on Ryder’s rod—and burying his nose in the jock’s pubes. Throughout, they touch and kiss each other, and it’s amazing.

Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens

Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens

Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens

Ryder than eats out Nico before fucking him from behind, slapping his ass and grabbing on to his neck tie as he pounds him (and check out Nico’s big boner grazing the mattress). We get great overhead shots of that cock and Nico’s ass lips clinging to it, and then see how big and hard they are when Ryder briefly pulls out. After more kissing and a spoon fuck, Nico eats out Ryder and pins him balls deep to the bed. Nico gets on his back to get fucked again, the two squirting together as Ryder douses the bottom.

Fucking love this scene…two handsome, hot jocks with great cocks flip fucking, kissing throughout with undeniable connection. These two are such great performers!

See the full scene at Next Door!


7 thoughts on “This Nico Coopa & Ryder Owens Flip Fuck is Insanely Hot”

  1. Both guys are very hot and sexy big fan of Nico and now Ryder as well he has such big sexy thighs . The scene between them was so believable and HOT must say I have viewed it a couple of times now and will do so again , Hope Next Door realizes what they have here with these two guys and the chemistry that the exude. They need to give us a sequel PLEASE lol

  2. Universal Potentate

    That was hot!!
    A good versatile scene is awesome.
    And no old, fat female maid to “catch” them.

        1. When someone does something really ridiculous one of us will usually say, quite loudly “Are you serious? Right in front of my salad?”, and thanks to the REACT channel on YouTube, even the straights get it.

    1. Those gimmicks are from This hot video is from Next Door – a totally different site with higher standards.

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