tim kruger fucks valentin braun

Tim Kruger Goes Breaking & Entering

It’s not often that Tim Kruger leaves his directing duties aside and steps back in front of the camera. But when he does, it’s always for a very good reason — cherry popping time. Valentin Braun – this is your lucky day.

Tim Kruger is not just hung and uncut, he’s a handsome ginger and one of the best tops you will find.

No wonder you voted him 2016’s “Hottest Cock In Gay Porn” by a landslide.

And considering Tim Tales is his site, he gets to become his own casting director and turns his mighty dick into the official newbie welcome wagon.

Today, that welcome extended to fellow German Valentin Braun with a rooftop fuck against the sunny Barcelona sky.

tim kruger fucks valentin braun“Summer is here at Tim Tales. We got you a beautiful sunny scene on Tim’s terrace with a gorgeous newcomer. Meet Valentin Braun. Valentin is a dancer with a fantastic ass. He’s the introverted type that loves cock. So Tim was eager to have a taste of that wonderful hole.”

tim kruger fucks valentin braunThis may be Valentin’s first time on camera, but judging by Tim’s expression, Valentin comes to the party with considerable skills on hand. And in hand. And mouth. And we’re just getting started.

tim kruger fucks valentin braunAs we saw when he made Joaquin Santana’s cherry go up in smithereens with the first push, Tim is no gentle giant around the newcomers. He fucks one way: beast mode.

tim kruger fucks valentin braunThe pounding has Valentin sending his nut up, up, and away and as for Tim’s load, Valentin wears it, and his new gape, very well indeed.

[Watch Valentin & Tim in “Tim Fucks Valentin Braun” at TimTales]


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