Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius

TnT: Trevor Brooks & Tony Genius Flex & Fuck With Their Big Dicks

The CockyBoys series Go With the Flow has given us some dynamic duos, including Johnny Ford (back at the studio for the first time in two-and-a-half years) fucking limber Nick Floyd; and Devin Franco returning to his total bottom origins by taking Theo Brady’s big dick. Now we get another one—and the first flip of the feature!

And right off the bat, we get a great visual as Tony Genius relaxes his arms behind his head, showing off his hot pits as Trevor Brooks slurps on his long dong. Then Tony returns the favor, and I love the slow and sensual way he sucks Trevor’s hot boner nice and deep.

Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius

Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius

The two then trade fucks, Tony taking Trevor from behind first. Even hotter is when they switch and Tony takes it on his back, Trevor jacking the bottom’s cock as he fucks him. But arguably the hottest shot here is watching Tony tongue fuck Trevor’s smooth hole. We get a great shot above looking down on the action, Trevor’s juicy cock pulsing with each thrust as his toes curl (and Tony’s ass popping out nicely).

Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius

Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius Trevor Brooks, Tony Genius

After fucking Trevor on his back (and getting a taste of his toes!), they switch again as Tony sits down on Trevor, the bottom gyrating his amazing ass as he slides up and down (his own boner poking Trevor in the abs). Trevor once again jacks off Tony as he fucks him, the bottom squirting on him before getting a hot facial.

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


15 thoughts on “TnT: Trevor Brooks & Tony Genius Flex & Fuck With Their Big Dicks”

  1. As an older gay man. I can’t believe what I am reading from you people. You are the first to scream racism when a straight person says something negative about you, homophobic homophobic they are. blah blah blah. In my day we had to stick together. We had to fight for our rights our lifestyle. We could have been arrested beaten or killed for being who we were. Each other is all we had. Shame on all of your haters here.

  2. Did the black thing stick his finger in a electric socket???? I laughed so hard!!!! He looks like Aunt Jemimah without her hair relaxer in

  3. Universal Potentate

    Overall good scene. CockyBoys is a lil too vanilla not really showing off the guys’ holes and keeping it formulaic.
    Now here’s a point of division among the gays. Facial & body hair, especially crack hair.
    Tony’s facial & body hair look very course. I’ve definitely scratched my dick on that kind of hair before. So I would have wish he shaved his face and waxed his body like Trevor.
    Tony’s locks hairstyle also (for me) doesn’t work for him. Braids would probably look amazing on him, if he wants a longer hairstyle.
    Trevor looked AMAZING! Tony’s body is HAWT, and super handsome face. Tony just looked like he needed some grooming.
    Just my opinion of course from a little personal experience.

  4. Like Tony better without those locks. Just my preference, he is a hot guy but like Black men with short neat & trimmed hair. As for Trevor, he reminds me of the Marine who fucked me midnight one night on the shores of Waikiki. Muscular and a animal top.

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