Tommy Talk!

Watch Tommy Defendi give an intimate interview while on the set of the new Jocks movie, Big Rock Cove. Then, watch Tommy Defendi have sex in the hardcore trailer for the new Jocks movie, Big Rock Cove.

Big Rock Cove marks the relaunch of Falcon’s “Jocks” brand, and I can’t think of a better way to relaunch than with Tommy Defendi. Just FYI, this was all shot in the private beach house where Tommy and I spend our summers.


The interview (courtesy


And the trailer, which also stars Donny Wright and Parker Perry (both members of  The Sword’s “Perfect Penis” club), so, yeah, my head is kind of exploding right now. Watch scenes from Big Rock Cove here.


[Jocks: Big Rock Cove]


11 thoughts on “Tommy Talk!”

  1. Why is it that whenever I see “niles” the words bitter queen pop into my head?

    Tommy and his beard are too cute! I’d put on a french maid outfit and whatever else if it meant spending time with that smile.

  2. “In the private beach house where Tommy and I spend our summers”- how nice, but you neglected the part where you have to wear a french maid costume.

  3. The movie was already going to be great with Tommy in it, but Donny and Parker as well is just gay heaven to me.

  4. i’m sorry, YOU and tommy spend your summers there? that’s funny, because i’m pretty sure that’s the same private beach house where Tommy recently proposed to me, you son of a bitch. (btw, i said yes!)

  5. Oh, I must say I do like Tommy. Without a doubt the best twink to twunk out there.
    He comes across modest, and doesn’t seem the least bit arrogant, which increases sex appeal 100%.

    Maybe some other twink to twunk performers over at that studio should watch and learn.

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