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Top 10 Hottest Figure Skaters at the 2022 Winter Olympics

The marquee sport at the Winter Olympics started last night, as the figure skating team event began—providing us plenty of glimpses of muscle butts, along with strong arms hoisting human beings above their hot bodies. Who’s your favorite stud in spandex? Vote in our poll!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be treated to the four individual events as well. We’ll take a closer look at those as they draw closer (check out Who’s the Hottest Men’s Singles Figure Skater at the 2022 Olympics? now and vote for your favorite stud in that event!). Last night we got to see most of these men in action, and will see more of them during the Games. Who is the hottest? (And for more jocks, see our Top 10 Hottest Quarterbacks of the 2021-22 NFL Season!)

10. Kihara Ryuichi, Japan, Pairs
Cutest. Smile. Ever.

Kihara Ryuichi

9. Brandon Frazier, USA, Pairs
No, not Brendan Fraser…but even cuter than the actor in his prime!

Brandon Frazier

8. Matteo Rizzo, Italy, Men’s Singles
Look at this super cute Italian twink! (Those eyes!!!)

Matteo Rizzo Matteo Rizzo

7. Zachary Donohue, USA, Ice Dance
Perhaps my favorite booty of the bunch. (Plus, he loves dogs, which is even cuter…)

Zachary Donohue

Zachary Donohue Zachary Donohue

6. Han Cong, China, Pairs
Serious on the ice, often silly off of it. And sexy no matter what.

Han Cong Han Cong

5. Ivan Bukin, Russia, Ice Dance
Hey there, abs! (Ivan hasn’t made it to Beijing yet…rumors are he might be dealing with COVID protocols, so hopefully he makes it in time for the ice dance event.)

Ivan Bukin

Ivan Bukin

4. Nikita Katsalapov, Russia, Ice Dance
Ivan’s ice dance teammate also has some amazing abs (how can you pick just one of these guys?!), and a lot of attitude on the ice.

Nikita Katsalapov Nikita Katsalapov

3. Guillaume Cizeron, France, Ice Dance
So sultry! Guillaume is favored for gold with his partner in ice dance, and is an out and proud French confection.

Guillaume Cizeron Guillaume Cizeron

2. Nathan Chen, USA, Men’s Singles
Nathan has grown into a man over the last four years, and has the brains to go with his quad brawn. Plus, that hair! (And that sexy voice…and that ass…)

Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen Nathan Chen

1. Matteo Guarisi, Italy, Pairs
Dear lord yes. Another Matteo from Italy on our list, this stud is too fine for words, and I love the scruff he has started to sport.
Matteo Guarisi

Matteo Guarisi Matteo Guarisi

Matteo Guarisi

Who’s your favorite? Vote in our poll, then read Who’s the Hottest Men’s Singles Figure Skater at the 2022 Olympics? for more studs!

Still need your skating fix? Check out the Studio 2000 classic Blades!


41 thoughts on “Top 10 Hottest Figure Skaters at the 2022 Winter Olympics”

  1. I’m surprised porn studios haven’t taken advantage of doing any winter Olympic themed gay porn this year. Ice skating, hockey, luge the possibilities are endless. And who wouldn’t want to see Michael Boston or Devin Franco in a tight skating costume?

  2. Haven’t watched ice skating since the 2002 games. #1 is quite sexy! Also glad they included the link to some classic porn. Definitely gonna check that out

  3. What a travesty not to include Michal Brezina, Brendan Kerry, and Paul Poirier on this list. If it weren’t for Matteo Guarisi and the Russian ice dancers this list would have been a complete joke

  4. Pros: Including Matteo G. There are other decent choices here. Not necessarily in my personal top 10 but some of these choices aren’t the worst

    Cons: Two words Paul Poirier. I’m just gonna have to assume whoever wrote this list doesn’t know who Paul is because I don’t get how he wasn’t included. Also lots of bad choices here. Matteo R. is kinda cute in his own way but definitely not top 10 material. Nathan has a boring personality and is a homophobe so I don’t see the hype over him

    1. I clicked on this expecting to see Paul Poirier on here. Since he’s not on here I voted for “other.” If I had to vote from just the top ten here I would have voted for Matteo Guarisi. Other than Matteo pretty disappointed by this list

  5. Not the list I would’ve come up with but I guess everyone has their own opinions. Not including Paul Poirier is a bit of a head scratcher though

    1. Paul!!! I’m not sure why he’s not on this list. He’s not that obscure of a skater either. At least Matteo Guarisi is on this list which was the most solid pick on here. Never knew Matteo modeled on the side

    1. This! I know he apologized but he got away with such hurtful bigoted remarks. It’s literally 2022 and he’s competing in figure skating of all things so literally no excuses for his homophobia

    2. I know he’s the best skater in the world but I never understood why Nathan got a free pass for his homophobia. I’m not saying he should be canceled or anything but with so many LGBTQ figure skaters it’s extremely damaging and hurtful for the best skater to be so homophobic

  6. Let’s be honest, #10 should make the list even if all the lights were out! However, out US skater Jason Brown should based on his cute smile and tight butt!!!

    1. Woah I didn’t realize how hot Matteo Guarisi is. I’ve only seen him in competition and never shirtless. Grateful for these pics lol

  7. I think the writer is prolly not a hardcore fan of skating otherwise they would have put Paul on this list. My list would have been
    1. Paul Poirier
    2. Filippo Ambrosini
    3. Brendan Kerry
    4. Nikolaj Sørensen
    5. Luka Berulava
    6. Zachary Lagha
    7. Matteo Guarise
    8. Tim Dieck
    9. Michal Breznia
    10. Mark Magyar

  8. Seriously where is Paul? He’d easily be at the top of this list. Also speaking of Canadians I would have put Nikolaj Sorensen on this list. Not as hot as Paul but gotta admit he should have been on this list

      1. Only Boomers or Racists use the term Oriental to describe Asians. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, not being hateful

  9. This list is so disappointing. Where is Paul Poirier??? Would easily be #1 on this list. And omg a lot of guys on here don’t belong on this list

      1. Yes Nathan is an amazing skater but he’s not that attractive. Like if he wasn’t the best skater in the world and representing the US he wouldn’t even be on this list let alone number two

        1. I could not disagree with you more. He’s one of the hottest on this list and would still make the cut if we replaced some of the others with Paul & Brenden

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