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Who’s the Hottest Men’s Singles Figure Skater at the 2022 Olympics?

With the short program beginning later today, what better time to take a deeper look at the hot figure skaters competing in the men’s singles event at the 2022 Winter Olympics? See our Top 10 and vote for your favorite!

We already took a look at the Top 10 Hottest Figure Skaters at the 2022 Winter Olympics, an overall look at all disciplines (well, with men in them, anyway). Now we take a closer look at men’s singles, and we’ll cover ice dancers and pairs skaters over the next two weeks (for more drama involving, check out our recent post involving a scary accident where two pairs studs collided). Which of these men is your favorite? Vote in our poll below!

10. Michal Březina, Czech Republic
In his fouth Olympics, Michal is the daddy of the group (and an actual daddy). But he also looks like a twink, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Michal Březina Michal Březina

9. Daniel Grassl, Italy
Getting full-on Helix vibes with Daniel! (And he’s not even the hottest Italian on this list…)

Daniel Grassl Daniel Grassl

Daniel Grassl

8. Morisi Kvitelashvili, Georgia
Trim Morisi is having one of his best years yet, and has a great smile and engaging personality.

Moris Kvitelashvili

Moris Kvitelashvili Moris Kvitelashvili

7. Aleksandr Selevko, Estonia
Alex probably won’t qualify for the long program, but who cares? Bonus points for having an equally cute skating brother.

Aleksandr Selevko Aleksandr Selevko

6. Keegan Messing, Canada
Any jock who repeatedly skates shirtless deserves a long hard look. Love that lumberjack vibe Keegan exudes!

Keegan MessingKeegan Messing Keegan Messing

5. Jason Brown, USA
That smile!

Jason Brown

Jason Brown Jason Brown

4. Kevin Aymoz, France
Like his French ice dancing teammate Guillaume Cizeron, Kevin gives off some serious sultriness.

Kevin Aymoz Kevin Aymoz

Kevin Aymoz

3. Brendan Kerry, Australia
We wanna go down under on Brendan (those abs!!!).

Brendan Kerry

Brendan Kerry

2. Matteo Rizzo, Italy
Whether it’s his smile, eyes, abs or ass, Matteo looks good from every angle. How cute is he?!

Matteo Rizzo

Matteo Rizzo Matteo Rizzo

Matteo Rizzo

1. Nathan Chen, USA
The gold medal favorite has legs and buns of steel, and a GQ handsomeness that is always in style.

Nathan Chen Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen

Who do you think is the hottest? Vote in our poll!

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