Trevor Brooks Feasts & Rides On Spikey Dee’s Big Bushy Dick

The more I see of Spikey Dee and his big hairy cock, the more crazy I am for it. There’s something kinda old-school porn about Spikey, like he’s been transported into modern-day porn from the early ’80s (the hair helps give me that vibe, too).

The hung twink has been killing it recently, whether sucking his own dick (twice: getting fucked by hot daddy Bruce Jones; and getting face fucked by Joey Mills at the same time he self-sucks!) or blasting his load on Joey’s face in a hot bukkake. Now he’s paired with Trevor Brooks, who shows us how much he loves big dick.

Trevor Brooks, Spikey Dee Trevor Brooks, Spikey Dee

Trevor Brooks, Spikey Dee

But, yeah…this is, so we gotta wade through the annoying setup to get to the good stuff. In this case, that entails a loud, annoying girlfriend who interrupts our fun a few times as she prepares for a party. Silly boyfriend Spikey isn’t good at blowing up balloons, so Trevor enlists his mouth to help out. Of course, he soon has that mouth wrapped around that big beautiful dick, and all is forgiven (Trevor preventing Spikey from falling by grabbing onto his boner is stupid, but cute…so I’ll allow it!).

Trevor Brooks, Spikey Dee Trevor Brooks, Spikey Dee

Trevor Brooks, Spikey Dee

After slurping that long dong, Trevor opens up his ass to take it—and the shot of the rock-hard bottom sitting down on that dick and riding it is fucking fantastic (and very impressive!). Trevor then gets on his back to take it, finally getting on his knees again for a hot facial. Just mute the scene when the chick is on screen, and you’ll be fine—these two put on a great show!

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8 thoughts on “Trevor Brooks Feasts & Rides On Spikey Dee’s Big Bushy Dick”

  1. Oh so we have gone to “Not in front of my Cheesey Poofs”.

    Spikey is brilliant btw. And Trevor is doing great here.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Ha! I love Spikey! Great Twitter & OF.
    Super friendly, funny guy.
    Obviously a physical phenom. He was built for porn.

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