ade Maddox, Tristan Hunter

Tristan Hunter Celebrates Falcon Debut By Riding Cade Maddox

Spoiler alert: These two are into each other. And we mean into each other. It’s apparent from the first shot and builds from there, and this will go down as one of 2021’s best scenes.

Just a week after we got the great news that Tristan signed as a Falcon|NakedSword exclusive, the handsome fucker gets broken in by Cade’s big cock in a mouth-watering match-up. The two start with some intense smooching, breathing heavy as they suck face—a bulge already building in Tristan Hunter‘s Speedo, and Cade Maddox‘s huge boner soon popping out of his towel. Cade moans “Fuck!” as he holds Tristan’s face, staring at him as they kiss, while Tristan reaches down to stroke the stud’s meat.

Cade Maddox, Tristan Hunter

Cade Maddox, Tristan Hunter

Tristan drops to his knees to feast on Cade’s cock, the alpha bending down to kiss him when he comes up for air. Tristan reaches up to to rub Cade’s defined chest, then gulps like crazy as Cade holds his head again and delivers an aggressive face fuck. Cade continues to ravage Tristan’s mouth, low shots looking up as the aggressive stud as his balls sway like crazy.

Cade Maddox, Tristan Hunter Cade Maddox, Tristan Hunter

Cade munches on Tristan’s smooth hole and fingers him, the two soon taking it outside by the pool for more smooching. Tristan gets on all fours, moaning “Fuck!” as he takes Cade’s thick dick from behind. “Like that dick?” asks Cade (“Feels so fucking good!”). Tristan arches back for a kiss then continues to take it, then sits down on Cade’s beast and rides it like a champ, his own big boner bouncing like crazy in the hottest sequence here—the two whispering dirty talk to each other when they aren’t kissing (“So fucking sexy!” moans Cade as he looks at Tristan).

Cade Maddox, Tristan Hunter Cade Maddox, Tristan Hunter

The two take turns driving the action, Tristan then turning around to face the top as he continues to bounce on him. The bottom’s smooth, muscular backside looks hot as hell as he sits down on Cade, who wraps his arms around him and kisses him some more (these two are FEELING it!). Cade blasts a huge load on Tristan’s hole and sac, the bottom then dousing Cade’s tight abs and chest. What a debut!

See the full scene at Falcon!


8 thoughts on “Tristan Hunter Celebrates Falcon Debut By Riding Cade Maddox”

  1. Lorenzo Andrea Capitani

    Satan’s Porn company! Great quality! Great taste! Knows (at least for the time being) his game, alt least in the selection of personnel.

  2. While Hunter was riding Cade’s big cock his own big boner was in full salute showing how much pleasure Cade was giving him. Get it Tristan.

  3. What, this is at least the third time this writer suggests “And we mean into each other.” Hot scene, yes, however a few of his best scenes have been with his black twink partners whom he seemed to be “into each other!”

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