Tristan Hunter, Greyson Myles

Tristan Hunter’s Soupy Sac Slams Greyson Myles’ Beautiful Booty

Early last year when Tristan Hunter made his debut as a Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive, he was part of arguably my favorite porn visual ever: The bottom’s big dick rock hard as he sat down on the big fat cock of Cade Maddox. Now he’s done it again—but this time as a top!

It just goes to show how gloriously versatile Tristan truly is. Whatever the position, he never disappoints. His performance level is always superlative, and his big dick is always hard. In his new scene, he gets paired with cute newcomer Greyson Myles—whose ass is fucking spectacular.

Tristan Hunter, Greyson Myles Tristan Hunter, Greyson Myles

Relaxing outside, Tristan strokes his fatty to get the attention of Greyson, who is soon slurping the smooth jock’s rod. The sucker takes his time slurping, appreciating how big and thick that dick is as he looks up at Tristan with a smile. That leads to the hot sit-down fuck, where we get that fantastic shot of Greyson’s booty getting split in half, Tristan’s low hangers slamming against the bottom’s ass as he drives up hard (“I fucking love your balls slapping against my ass…stretch me out!”). Greyson also takes a turn driving the shaft, jacking his own stiffy as he bounces up and down.

Tristan Hunter, Greyson Myles

Tristan Hunter, Greyson Myles

The top then eats out Greyson’s pucker, marveling at how beautiful it is up close before pounding him doggy. Tristan flips to Greyson on his back, and accepts the bottom’s request for a little light choke action. The bottom shows off his boner as he gets fucked, soon shooting a big load before Tristan does the same.

Tristan Hunter, Greyson Myles Tristan Hunter, Greyson Myles

Do you prefer Tristan on top or bottom?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


9 thoughts on “Tristan Hunter’s Soupy Sac Slams Greyson Myles’ Beautiful Booty”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Tristan has a BEAUTIFUL dick. That said, Greyson’s hole has clear seen much MUCH larger objects in its time. Maybe Treasure Island would be a good place for Greyson to visit?

  2. I would love to join all those boys and be the slut getting pounded and gangbanged hard by each one of these boys and sucking their cocks like a whore wearing a face mask do you guys can arrange this for me .I’m in Melbourne text me if keen0414221511cause I am very keen thanks john

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