6 thoughts on “Ugh”

  1. you know its a shame cause some of these guys would be kinda cute otherwise

    first off the twicthy changing thing got old after the second matrix movie and I thought we all agreed to stop that.
    the make up seems a bit more overdone than usual; looks like someone might have a clown fetish. whats really strange is that a lot the dancing was seems to have been done to accentuate a womans body and just looks silly when the guys boobs won’t giggle. I could go on and on but I know better

    yes, we’re here we’re queer and we’re used to it. but goddammit there is a difference, however subtle, between feminine and flaming. lets learn the difference please

  2. Wow–I agree with Erik Rhodes totally on this….and I never thought *that* would happen. After seeing the video, I think even Richard Simmons would gay-bash this lot. You know it’s bad when it is possible to picture ole’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies snarling “Butch it up a bit, you fucking fruits”.

  3. Alright now lets be fair. Aside from the mass amount of stereotypes this is proving, I feel that youtube has been a healthy outlet for some people to make these types of videos.

    I do however not agree with the overall “in your face gay” presentation of this.

  4. I want your Hole ^ His videos are fucking TERRIBLE. Fugly twinks, horrible choreography and atrocious cinematography. Sick.

  5. This needs to stop. Every time you post one of these videos… you encouraging these stupid faggots to act like this… I’m embarrassed to be gay when i see this shit.

  6. Agreed. It looks like a faux RuPaul’s drag race video.

    In all seriousness, though, it’s actually not badly done (production quality, dancing, lighting is shoddy), but they need to stop making things. They’re more painful than fun -> stereotypes en mass

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