The New Queerty Staff Looks Nice

Well, here they are: GayCities’ David, Matt, Oscar, Scott, Chris and Dan are the new team behind the kinder, less “making shit up” Queerty, and they look great! No word on how much GayCities paid Queerty founder David Hauslaib for all that high gay SEO valued content (“Lady Gaga,” “Glee,” etc.), but hopefully not too much! $5000? $10,000? $1,000,000? Ha ha.

In an intro article, editor Chris Bull says that, “In recent months the Queerty patented wit devolved into predictable snark, eviscerating everyone and everything in its path,” which is true! The other thing Queerty was? A boring aggregator of gay content from other sources. Less of that, please, and more original stories. The new Queerty people will be so busy doing their own reporting, they won’t even have time to be cunts! And they’re off to a great start, actually. (See the cute video below.)

Also, please stop titling every post with headlines in the form of a question (e.g., “Why didn’t Osama bin Laden support gay marriage?”) that we already know the answer to or simply don’t care to know. You aren’t a tabloid magazine people are bored or lulled into reading while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store. If your content is of genuine interest, you don’t need to sensationalize it and trick people to click through for one or two obvious sentences and a link to your source.

Anyway, good luck, you guys!



2 thoughts on “The New Queerty Staff Looks Nice”

  1. At one time, back in the day, Queerty was fully tapped into all things GayCities, with GayCities not only having very prominent ads on Queerty but also there were blog entries on Queerty tied into some event with GayCities. Then, suddenly, it all stopped.

    The price of acquiring “whatever was left of what constituted Queerty” probably dropped so low that GayCities realized buying Queerty was cheaper than advertising on some shit “gay” blog that gay men don’t read.

    HOWEVER, GayCities is probably in the same boat we are at this point, i.e., Google is now highlighting Google Places content in its search results or the content of other big players in “local” like Yelp, CitySearch, InsiderPages etc.

    If you search for gay bars in New York City, Google gives you about seven gay bars in New York City before you get to GayCities. At least the first non-Google Places result is still GayCities (so far).

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