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Vote For Your Favorite Big Dick Solo Session Of The Week

It’s been a fucking minute since we did a complete roundup of the sexiest solo scenes in the gay porn world and we don’t know about you, but we’re suddenly in the mood to watch some stroking studs. So let’s get to it and show off the hottest self-loving hunks that the industry has to offer this week!

For this post, we’re only going to be looking at select solo videos from top sites like GayHoopla, Masqulin, and BelAmi that have dropped in the past week or so. More specifically, we’re only going to be focusing on solo videos that feature models with big dicks. No offense to anyone else out there – but this is a “big dicks only” post!

So take a look below at our top three hung models of the week, let us know who your favorite is in our perverted poll, and be sure to sound off with all your hot and horny thoughts down in the comments!

Tony Zuko

You know this man and his huge pecker from Freshmen, but now Tony Zuko are making their way over to BelAmi’s main site with the help of this steamy solo scene! [See more]

Luke West

For its latest Hot AF video, Masqulin and TheBroNetwork are showing off the talents of Luke West – who apparently is a hot construction worker that likes to bust out his hole and girthy cock while on the job. [See more]

August Ryder

This fan-turned-model just made his industry debut over at GayHoopla and we’re thoroughly impressed by the giant dick that’s hanging between his legs. Here’s hoping that he comes back for more GayHoopla scenes in the near future! [See more]

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite model of the week? Do you have a favorite dick of the week? Tell us! Vote in our perverted poll below and be sure to let us know all your hot thoughts about these hung solo sessions down in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite Big Dick Solo Session Of The Week”

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  2. If I was at The Stock Bar in Montreal and these 3 were on stage I would go broke throwing them US dollars (in Canada the Loony & Toony are the $1 & $2 coin Ouch).

  3. @Anonymous June 6 @ 7:34 pm — You’re a loser troll and won’t even post a name. You’re probably an fat tub-of-lard, overly hairy, dumbshit sitting behind a keyboard.

    1. Thank you, Carl. You’re correct: my comment was insensitive and I apologize to you and the other readers. But I don’t apologize to something like Anonymous who tears someone down for the performers work, anonymously. This thing needs to grow some balls and atleast identify himself/herself with a name, probably fake as it may be.

      1. Thank you Carl! Crawl up my ass Carl! I’m your friend Carl! Don’t go mad at me Carl! Pathetic old queens that think any thing with a dick is good looking.

    2. Everybody has their opinion. I think the same as him! Ugly twinks! Bel ami wants them because the look like children. Grow up you loud mouth moron. Not everyone has your bad taste or are you going to hurt my feelings it’s your big bad words HIDDING BEHIND YOUR KEYBOARD? Lolololo
      Signed MARK another Keyboard troll!

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