Tyler Schultz, August Ryder

Watch Tyler Schultz Fuck A Guy For The Very First Time

There’s a new gay-for-pay model over at GayHoopla! For its latest scene, the studio is showcasing Tyler Schultz – a newcomer who has decided to do gay porn because “you only live once”! Yes, apparently we’re still making YOLO references in 2022. Who knew?!

This new scene sees Tyler topping August Ryder, a big dick model we just told you about a few days ago. According to an interview from the studio, this video marks the very first experience Tyler has ever had kissing or having sex with a man. Prior to the filming of this video, Tyler’s only on-camera experience had just been a solo scene with the studio, but since filming this, the model has gone on to make a gay threeway with GayHoopla.

So what do you think? Are you impressed? Do you want to see him back for more? Do you actually think this is Tyler’s first time having sex with a dude? Sound off in the comments below, check out this shitty trailer that GayHoopla provided us, and be sure to watch this entire scene over at GayHoopla!

[Watch ‘YOLO! Muscleman Tyler Schultz Tries New Things With August Ryder’]


7 thoughts on “Watch Tyler Schultz Fuck A Guy For The Very First Time”

  1. Neither one of them are str8. There you go. They need to stop this G4P bullshit. These are two bisexual men. Now how they fall on the bisexual spectrum, who knows??? But they’re not str8 and if they’re fucking women, they’re not gay.

  2. Is it just me or do the gay porn studios make a bigger deal out of the gay for pay models? I would much rather watch videos of two or more gay men having sex because I want to see men enjoying the sex they are having with each other. When guys are there just to collect a little money, it shows in their performance. If I want to experience straight people exploiting gays and gay culture, I only have to look around me at work.

    1. More people don’t care, or think a guy that ID’s as str8 having man on man adult fun time is hot, would be my guess. Maybe porn should go to Don’t ask Don’t tell (/snark).

    1. Wasn’t my experience till Viagra came out, or the guy was willing to get an injection in his member done by some random person on set.

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