WATCH: Rugby Captain Siya Kolisi Hops A Barricade To Sign & Slap A Fan’s Ass

Being almost naked and successfully getting a famed rugby star to sign your ass may seem like the plot of a porno (I’m honestly shocked it isn’t a plot point in the Raging Stallion rugby film Scrum), but it’s not! It’s an actual event that fully happened last month during an Edinburgh rugby match.

After the match completed and the South African rugby team the Springboks successfully bested Scotland, Springbok captain Siya Kolisi celebrated the victory by jumping a fence and signing a fan’s ass. The fan, a man who very clearly stood out by being nearly nude and only wearing some skimpy briefs, seemed ecstatic as Siya took a pen to his cheeks and even gave his booty a nice slap. Take a look below:


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Woo! So what do you think of this incredibly ballsy move from this hardcore South Africa fan? Which athlete do you want to sign your ass? Would you ever wear only underwear to a sporting event? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts.


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