Tim Kruger, Olek O'Neight

What Newcomer is Tim Kruger Destroying Now?

Lots of ambassadors need to work on their Ukrainian relations, so it’s fitting that one of gay porn’s biggest ambassadors gets his crack at some fresh Ukrainian hole!

Meet twink power bottom Olek O’Neight, a tall, toned and svelte smoothie who made his debut earlier this year on Timtales and now, in his third scene with the studio, finally gets a crack at Tim Kruger’s big cock.

Tim Kruger, Olek O'Neight Tim Kruger, Olek O'Neight

Olek sucks him deep, which gets a hot reaction out of Tim (I love when we get to see some personality crack his typically silent and stoic surface). Olek continues to slurp away as spit drips down to the sheets, and this is one of my favorite Kruger cock worships in recent memory.

Tim Kruger, Olek O'Neight Tim Kruger, Olek O'Neight

The bottom then bends over and moans like crazy as he takes Tim’s big cock in position after position, the top’s ginger pubes and huge sac slamming Olek’s hole. I love the side views of the sit-down sequence, where the two kiss as Olek rides, creamy ass juice gathering on Tim’s shaft (we get to hear some hot Tim grunts too to complement Olek’s constant moans and exclamations of “Oh my God!”).

Tim Kruger, Olek O'Neight Tim Kruger, Olek O'Neight

What do you think of Olek?

See the full scene at Timtales!


13 thoughts on “What Newcomer is Tim Kruger Destroying Now?”

  1. I’m upset with Tim Tales. Tim needs to kiss the Bottoms and be more affectionate; sex is not just penetration. I express my disgust at the unpleasant comments about Olek; he is a very beautiful boy and as dignified as any of us.

  2. Sexy Olek knew when he signed on to bottom at TimTales he was in for some throat gagging and booty hole gapping. Two good things that huge hung top men rightly expect to see.

  3. I have to agree – Tim Tales has become very formulaic and boooring. He has zero emotion and the bottoms never get to cum. Boooorrring

  4. Hmm how much TT can one still take? He is becoming a caricature of himself with booooring vids : unrelentness hard fucking but nothing more. Fucking in a way no bottom in real life would enjoy. No Emotion, no kissing, no sensuality. I love a good fuck but when it is just that pffff, TT initial years were much better. But I guess people are still subscribing , only this one stopped one stopped a long time ago….

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