Teddy Bryce, Teddy Khaos

When Tattooed Teddy Bears Collide

If you like them big, beefy, hairy and tattooed, you’re in for a treat in the latest CutlersDen pairing—where two Teddy’s double the bear fun.

We haven’t seen much of Teddy Bryce on the studio front recently. He had just one studio scene last year (with Tian Tao, also at CutlersDen), and now he returns to team up with a fellow Teddy—one who has a few names to his filmography. The Den lists the newcomer as Teddy Khaos, which matches his Twitter name. You’ll notice in the trailer below, however, that he is credited as “Teddy Starvos”—which seems to be a misspelling for Teddy Stavros,  who appeared in a 2016 scene with Hans Berlin for Treasure Island.

Teddy Bryce, Teddy Khaos Teddy Bryce, Teddy Khaos

The very handsome Mr. Khaos (love that chest hair!) makes quite the impression, clocking in at 6-foot-4 and 260 pounds of Greek/Aussie muscle. He also has a nice fat cock, which stretches Bryce’s mouth in the opening suck (choking the sucker with a face fuck). Khaos also gets his fuzzy hole munched before turning the tables on the bottom.

Teddy Bryce, Teddy Khaos Teddy Bryce, Teddy Khaos

Bryce then sits his hole on the bearded mouth of his bud before he gets fucked, gripping the mattress as he takes it from behind. He gets on his back for more, then sits down on the Kha0s cock—giving us the hottest shots of the scene, with the top ramming his thick uncut rod up with force. The bottom gets a load to the mouth to close it out.

Teddy Bryce, Teddy Khaos Teddy Bryce, Teddy Khaos

Do you like beefy furry bear sex? I hope we don’t have to wait another six years for more studio work from Teddy Khaos!

See the full scene at CutlersDen!


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