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12+ Openly Queer Actors That Have Done On-Screen Nudity

It’s Pride Month, and we’re celebrating with a look at actors that we’re lucky enough to call family. We assembled some of the best-known out celebs in Hollywood as well as some fellas who you might not have thought about in a while. It’s a fun little mix, we promise! Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite out actors out of their clothes! 

Matt Riddlehover

Matt actually masturbates on camera, while fingering his hole using butter as lube in Watch Out. It’s true. You butter believe it. [See more]

Justice Smith

Justice Smith showed his cock tip on Genera+ion – HBO’s short-lived answer to its own Euphoria – but we really love this locker room scene filled with some hot fully naked high school jocks. [See more]

Garrett Clayton

Disney alum Garrett Clayton shed his good-boy image by playing legendary gay porn star Brent Corrigan in the James Franco movie King Cobra. [See more]

Lil Nas X

Hey, would it be a list of sexy out celebs without Lil Nas X? He shocked fans with this dang near X-rated gay sex scene in his music video for THATS WHAT I WANT and his blurred-out dick in his vid for INDUSTRY BABY. [See more]

Billy Eichner

In the trailer for Billy Eichner’s groundbreaking Bros (the first gay romantic comedy from a major studio that we told you about a few weeks ago) he dares to bare his hot daddy ass! [See more]

Jonathan Groff & Russell Tovey

Gay celebrities Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey were trailblazers for other queer celebs, and filmed one of the best gay sex scenes on TV, in the HBO series Looking. [See more]

Ian McKellen

Speaking of trailblazers, the OG gay icon and Lord of the Rings actor Ian McKellen flashed his penis in 1981’s Priest Of Love. [See more]

The men of Shortbus

Shortbus. That’s the tweet. Paul Dawson, PJ DeBoy, and Jay Brannan made hot naked gay men feel seen in John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus. [See more]

Jonny Beauchamp

Jonny’s gender-bending character in Penny Dreadful has this epic full-frontal reveal. [See more]

Félix Maritaud

Finally, real-life French gay pornstar Félix Maritaud received rave reviews for his portrayal of a sex-addicted male hustler in Sauvage/Wild. He gets an erection during a doctor’s visit, and the doctor picks up on the hint! #handjob [See more]


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  1. I remember seeing Russell Tovey naked, showing off that cute butt, in the 2008 BBC show “Being Human”

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