Who Did Bennett Anthony Fuck Better?

Men.com‘s ginger star Bennett Anthony‘s been mostly a top lately, though he was a bit more versatile last year and when he made his debut in 2014.

In a trio of recent scenes, Bennett’s been plowing holes like crazy — he’s actually been in 4 scenes already in the first 19 days of the new year.

The latest, just out today, is Happy Chance Part 2, which is a totally weird and nonsensical follow-up to Happy Chance Part 1. You see, in Happy Chance Part 1, which you can see below and which came out last week, Bennett plays a guy who thinks he’s straight and is in bed with his wife on his wedding night in New York when he decides to go out cruising for dick. He finds Luke Adams online — possibly on a Rentboy-like site? — and he finds “love” with this rentboy. But, like, really? OK.


In Part 2, it’s a year later, and Bennett comes back to New York, without the wife, and goes hunting for Luke again on the same site. But his search for “Luke” only comes back with one result (unrealistic!), and the person has a bunch of tattoos that Luke Adams doesn’t have, but he orders him over to his hotel anyway.

It turns out to be Luke Harding, who looks nothing like Luke Adams in the slightest and has a really severe brow I’m now noticing. But Bennett fucks him anyway! Does he find love a second time?!?!


Then over the weekend Bennett appeared in a threeway scene with Vadim Black and Will Braun in which both he and Vadim got to fuck Will. It’s called My Thieving Roommate, and basically the premise is that Vadim wakes up after a one-night stand with Bennett, Bennett turns oddly psycho and insists on cooking breakfast, runs out to buy eggs (which he returns with in a basket?) and comes back to find Vadim hooking up with his awkward roommate Will.

Will tells him just to shut up and join in, and he does.

And while it looks there’s a DP, it’s not a DP. Vadim just sits back and watches Will ride Bennett, and then blows a load on his back.




So, who did Bennett fuck better?

Actually, let’s just throw this in there too. Here’s Bennett bottoming for Diego Sans two weeks ago in Last Night.


Now vote.


[Men.com: Last Night]
[Men.com: Happy Chance Part 1]
[Men.com: Happy Chance Part 2]
[Men.com: My Thieving Roommate]

1 thought on “Who Did Bennett Anthony Fuck Better?”

  1. Is bennett really gay??well
    This answer is very stupid and confusing

    So you like to fuck everybody, it sounds like…

    Yeah, there were these two people bitching on Twitter last month. I don’t go around telling people I’m bisexual. I tell people I’m gay, because I go to gay bars and have gay friends, but at the same time, I had sex with this girl and stayed hard for four hours.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m not gay. I’m just trying to be careful with what I say. I mean, unless you’re actually the one sucking my dick, it shouldn’t matter to you whether I like men or women,

    Is he really gay?

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