Jack Bailey

Whose Huge Dick Is Splitting Jack Bailey in Half?

Every time I see Jack Bailey perform, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. His expressive face is one of his secret weapons, and it’s on full display in his newest scene—where he also gets nice and verbal, dirty talking his way through a deep fuck from one of the biggest dicks in the business.

On a rainy day with nothing to do, Jack and bud Leo Louis decide to pass the time with some naked fun, and right way we get to see Jack’s eyes and face light up when Leo whips out his thick slab. The twin slurps on it as Leo films some of the suck, Jack trying his hardest to take as much as he can.

Jack Bailey, Leo Louis Jack Bailey, Leo Louis

Leo turns him around and starts to feast on his smooth hole, which gets Jack even more verbal: “I cannot wait to feel that big thick cock in my ass!” Leo is then fucking the bottom doggy, at one point putting thrusting in and out nice and slow with his hands behind his head (my favorite part of the scene) as Jack moans “Destroy my ass!

Jack Bailey, Leo Louis Jack Bailey, Leo Louis

The top then takes Jack in a side fuck, the bottom’s eyes wide again when Leo thrusts his cone-shape cock all the way in. This position gives us a great angle of Leo’s shaft and bouncing balls at work (“Your dick is so fucking big!” says Jack with an adorable smile as he stares at the top). Jack then gets on his back, stroking his own boner as he takes it.

Jack Bailey, Leo Louis Jack Bailey, Leo Louis

Jack blows his load, Leo then jerking off and giving him a mouthful of cum. How would you react trying to take Leo’s girthy meat? Could you handle it?

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20 thoughts on “Whose Huge Dick Is Splitting Jack Bailey in Half?”

  1. Michael deFleege

    If you read the AMA getting scalped is healthier now that Mersa is here and HIV/AIDSWiped out an entire generation of barebackerers,the foreskin made finding the virus harder until it was too late the same with syphilis in europe. There were reasons this was done,as a Jew I had my BRIS,all practicing Jews must. MUSLIMS MUST,IMANS ORDERS. YES THERE ARE SOME ISSUES OF SENSITIVITY ,BUT AS PROTESTANT EUROPE REBELLED AGAINST ROME,NEVER MIND WHAT CONSTANTINOPLE ADDED TO THE DISCUSSION,LOWER SEUAL DISEASE,FOLLOWED EARLY CHRISTIAN PRACTICES LAID DOWN BY JAMES IN JERUSALEM,NOT PETER OR PAUL. PAUL WAS A GREEK JEW AND WE CANNOT SAY FOR SHURE HE REALLY WAS,LIKE HERRODS,THE MERE FACT HE DIREGARDED G– contract with his chosen people is suspect.this was done for 1 reason propaganda,because there were no more converts amoung jews,throw out the old law,vinvent a new law,Christians even denigrate the 5 books of Moses as the Old Testament the ultimate antisemitic act. This fight will never be won,it is over religion, Christians have slaughtered us for less,keep quiet,walk away,we have already lost Rowe v.Wade,it is like Nazi Germany again

  2. If Leo really wants to be nice to me, he can get that massive magnificent monster manhood circumsized.

    (I absolutely adore alliteration!)

      1. Because I do not consider circumcision to be mutilation. It’s actually healthier to be circumcised. Ask your doctor.

        1. Only if you aren’t able to perform basic hygiene or live in a third world country. That being said, we all have our druthers. And one druther is no better or worse than another till harm comes from it,

          1. Universal Potentate

            The duration of time someone knows you is irrelevant to the intelligence of your words. That’s based purely on an assessment of the words. No medical professional would say that circumcision is healthier. It isn’t. The early 1900s American nonsense about circumcision was that it was hygienic. This was a thinky veiled attempt at preventing masturbation. Foreskin soon became an ingredient in skin care so the practice changed from removing the tip of the prepuce to a full removal to harvest as much raw material possible. Eventually it morphed into its current form which is another unnecessary operation billable to insurance companies.
            The practice exists almost exclusively in the US but also Saudi Arabia and parts of Africa as part of Islamic religion. Not even Israel has as high a circumcision rate. Craven capitalism and backward religion drive the practice, not sound medicine.
            Ask any doctor outside the US or Saudi Arabia if it’s healthier.
            Now, if you prefer the look, that’s your preference and you’re entitled to it. But don’t say some pseudoscientific nonsense like “It’s healthier” and then say “You haven’t known me long enough to say if I’m an idiot.”

  3. Universal Potentate

    I really wanna see Leo bottom too. We almost never see his ass or hole, but it should be featured.

    1. YOU SAID IT! Or, if not fully bottom, at least have someone tongue-fuck him!! Hey, if Rhyheim can (finally) bottom on camera, then why not Leo?

    2. Dear Universal Potentate (who obviously does not dare to use his real name),

      You’re right. You’re absolutely right. Despite the results of every single IQ test I’ve ever taken, I am clearly an idiot. An absolute blithering idiot.
      I have been informed by numerous medical professionals that there are indeed a number of health reasons why circumcision is a good idea health-wise. For example, there is a much higher rate of cervical cancer among married women whose husbands are uncircumcized. It has to do with the cleanliness of the penis, which is easier to keep clean without the foreskin.
      And then, of course, there is the issue of…..SMEGMA!!!!!

      1. Universal Potentate

        No, you haven’t been informed of that by any medical professionals. Avoid online claims which are unprovable online. Google can verify everything I said.
        The issue is this: you like the circumcised penis. Great! Wonderful! You don’t have to invent pseudoscientific reasons to justify your preference.
        I also didn’t quote the sheer number of infant deaths, penile infections and penectomies resulting from botched circumcisions. But comparing that to a HIGHLY questionable cervical cancer association from smegma (as the first items which Google populated discuss this as a debunked myth) … I would say that you’re unclear as to what health is or what would matter to gay men.
        Based on your need to cover your preference with pseudoscience, appeal to authority, hearsay and a debunked myth without addressing any of the demonstrable facts, history or global perspective I mentioned, I would say anyone paying attention has a good estimation of your intelligence.

        1. {sigh} When you’re right, you’re right.

          I was never informed about the health issues of uncircumcised penises by any medical professionals. I heard it from a much more reliable source…..my mother!!!

          (I’m Jewish. I had a Jewish mother. One does not dispute the word of a Jewish mother — not if one values one’s life.)

          I hereby renounce my idiocy and embrace your genius. Let me know any time you want an apology blowjob. (But only if you’re circumsized, of course.)

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