Whose The Dirtiest Of Them All?

Based on this new video, when real “str8 bros” play “Truth Or Dare”, anything goes. Goes in the mouth that is.

We learned a few things today. They include that college guys in Argentina can be every inch as bat shit crazy as their North American counterparts.

Another one is that they never flinch on a bet. No matter what it is.

The video was shot real life and captured the high jinx as it went down, not according to some script.

But perhaps the most important thing we learned today is just like their older brothers Domingo Miotti, Juan Ignacio Karqui, and Andrés Enrique on the soccer field we’ve seen in #Celebrity Cock, Argentinian frat boys are sporting some huge cocks too.

¡Comencemos los juegos de beber! (Let the drinking games begin)

As our partners at Cocktails & Cocktalk described, “as one lad dips his dong in a pint of Guinness before the other one guzzles it down.

How does that stack up against the college capers at Dick Dorm, Fraternity X, and Sketchy Sex? Let’s compare and contrast.

Recently at Dick Dorm, Tom Faulk, Brandon Evans, Aston Springs & Zane Anders ran “Train Fuck”

[Watch the trailer at Dick Dorm]

Meanwhile, at Fraternity X, Rod Pederson, Seth Knight, Caleb, Russell, & Damien wanted to bang Gauge’s Mom, but they settled for sonny boy.

[Watch “Throw His Ass Down” at Fraternity X]

Then at SketchySex, Guy Houston, John Finch, Austin Floyd, & Rebel loaded up Billy Bottom and Tristan Sweet until they overflowed again.

[Watch “One More Load” at Sketchy Sex]


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