Cole Blue, Reece Scott

Will Cole Blue Break His Jaw on This Girthy Daddy Dick?

Sexy Reece Scott is daddy AF, and I am here for everything about this man: his hairy muscle body, his massive mustache, and his even more massive dick—a daunting combination of length and girth that would challenge even the most adept cocksucker and bottom.

Since his studio debut late last year, we have just seen Reece perform with super-cute twink Hunter Graham. They had a total of four scenes together, and all were all fantastic. But now we get to see Reece destroy a new hole with his girthy daddy dick, and my prayers have been answered because it’s the adorable Cole Blue!

Cole Blue, Reece Scott Cole Blue, Reece Scott

Cole Blue, Reece Scott

Cole Blue, Reece Scott

I couldn’t have asked for a better combo, and I hope we get to see even more of them together. Cole wants to be a model scout, and master Reece knows just the right lessons to teach him. That starts with him planting his hot tongue in Cole’s hole and giving him an extended munch, that salt-and-pepper mustache tickling the stud’s ass.

Cole Blue, Reece Scott

Cole Blue, Reece Scott Cole Blue, Reece Scott

Cole Blue, Reece Scott

Then Cole gets a mouthful of cock, and I love watching him open wide and struggle to take it all in (I am cockmotized by Reece’s meat!). Then daddy takes Cole from behind before flipping him over, and boy does Cole moan like that dick is doing some damage (for a bottom as experienced and talented as Cole, that’s saying something!). Keep those Reece scenes coming!

See the full scene at CaralPlus!


11 thoughts on “Will Cole Blue Break His Jaw on This Girthy Daddy Dick?”

  1. For more of Reece, check out his JustforFans, turns out he’s versatile AF and he does some very hot scenes on there and that beautiful cock gets quite a workout. Looks like he’s an experienced sucker. Love Cole too the scenes with Colton are terrific.

  2. Cole needs to move on. Years of the same scenes with the same tired daddies. It’s become a total bore. It’s like he’s trapped in Legrands nasty pedophile dungeon.

    1. You have to admit though … Cole’s scene’s are always super hot. I for one, don’t mind him staying on with the crew just as long as he’s not the “twink”.

  3. I absolutely adore Cole but the time has well past for him to come off the twink list. At best, he’s a twunk. How’s he still playing a cubscout?

  4. Break or dislocate like a snake?
    There are times when the snake jaw trick would of been great, but you deal with what you got and enjoy.

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