Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller, Jayden Marcos

Would You Blow Brandon Anderson in Front of a Buddy?

Next Door Studios has just released the second scene ever from its new Next Door Films line, which was launched last month to focus on longer-form scenes based more around a story and featuring more dialogue. What do you think of this new effort?

I’m thrilled with these new scenes, which allow us to slowly get into the mood as we meet the characters and the tension rises organically. Like the first scene (a hot threeway from last month with Nico Coopa, Elliot Finn and Trevor Harris), this is a longer one—it clocks in at nearly an hour, meaning it’s no wham-bam effort. And once again, it’s a winner.

Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller

Also written by Dalton King, the general setup is similar. Called “Just Curious,” it features straight friends Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller and Jayden Marcos hanging out and chilling at a sweet estate after years of being apart. The conversation turns to hot hookup stories, when Andrew reveals a shocker to his buds: He’s hooked up with a dude (gasp!).

Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller

We’ve already seen Brandon admiring his naked buddy during the weekend, so it’s no surprise that when the opportunity arises, he whips out his dick for Andrew to suck—much to the shock of onlooking buddy Jayden (who sadly doesn’t have a sex role in the scene). The setup is hot, and the key to these scenes working is the ability of the cast to sell the dialogue. They all do, and it makes for a unique experience that not a lot of studios are giving us (don’t be turned off by the featured image with a surprised Jayden above; despite looking like it came from a cheesy scene, it’s played far more seriously).

Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller Brandon Anderson, Andrew Miller

Smooth Brandon and fuzzy Andrew are soon flip fucking each other, their two hot bodies on display (unfortunately, it looks like Jayden isn’t around to watch this part). What do you think of these new longer-form, story-based scenes?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


8 thoughts on “Would You Blow Brandon Anderson in Front of a Buddy?”

  1. Of course I would…..on a different note, that scene was incomplete. Jayden should have been included in the sex…like he comes back and watches from a distance only to get in on it, after hearing both Andrew and Brandon moaning “fuck me”.

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