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Would You Suck Off Your Landlord To Avoid Paying Rent?

If you got the chance, would you orally service your landlord if it meant that you could skip out on paying rent for the month? I know this seems like a pretty obvious question since almost no one enjoys paying rent and most of our readers are constantly horny and looking to suck some cock, but it still has to be asked!

The perverted question is inspired by the newest Masqulin scene. In the hot bareback video, Jeremy London is going through a tough time and doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to pay his rent. When building manager Derek Thibeau comes through looking for his check, the two strike an alternate deal. Instead of forking over the cash, Jeremy has to take Derek’s thick, long cock up his ass.

So, would you take that deal? Check out our perverted polls below and some hot shots from the new Masqulin scene. After you’re done voting, be sure to check out this entire scene over at Masqulin. Don’t have an account? Sign up now and only pay $9.97/month for life.

Watch this full scene over at Masqulin and sign up for a Masqulin now to only pay $9.97/month for life!


6 thoughts on “Would You Suck Off Your Landlord To Avoid Paying Rent?”

  1. No, but then after Uni I did get my foot in the door of an engineering firm by getting my dick up the arse of my ‘straight and married’ 50+yo boss!
    (it didn’t hurt that he was actually friggin’ hot as all heck though… and I’ve never really been into daddies either)

  2. Well since I own my own home, I’m my old landlord. And I give myself a hand job at least once a day. (If I were more flexible it would be a blowjob!)

  3. MY landlord! FUCK NO! There aren’t enough drugs or alcohol on this PLANET to make me do that! ( I’d rather be homeless!)

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