Tim Kruger, Sean Austin, Dean Young

Who Fucks Better: The Scottish or the Irish?

The way newcomers Sean Austin and Dean Young ride Tim Kruger’s monster cock, we think it’s safe to say that everyone is a winner here—especially us fans. These are arguably Tim’s two hottest scenes of the year!

What I love so much about Timtales is that it introduces us to hot men from parts of the world we don’t always see much here in ‘Merica, and it truly has an international flair. Tim Kruger himself was so smitten with these two newcomers that he had to test them out with his big dick. Who do you rather: dark-haired Scottish jock Sean Austin, or strawberry blond Irish beauty Dean Young?

Tim Kruger Fucks Sean Austin

Tim Kruger, Sean Austin

Today’s hottest hunk in porn is landing right on Tim’s lucky dick. Sean is unbelievably sexy, from those pouty lips to that huge muscular bubbly ass, the power bottom has it all. He really knows how to work the camera (those eyes!)—and how to work Tim’s dick. I love how he shows off his own boner as he gets rammed from behind, and how he later moans “Yes! That dick feels so fucking good!” with that hot accent (one of the few times where he is able to catch his breath as the big cock goes all in him!). Watch for the sit-down sequence, the hottest one here.

Tim Kruger, Sean Austin Tim Kruger, Sean Austin

Tim Kruger Fucks Dean Young

Tim Kruger, Dean Young

Deep blue eyes, heart shaped lips and a deep bouncy bubble butt…meet Dean, a 21-year-old Irish cutie living in Belfast. I fucking can’t even with that ginger scruff on his face and that ginger fur on his legsfuck yes. Like Sean, Tim has killer eyes and amazing lips, and he also rides Tim’s cock like a champ. He goes all the way down on it as he bounces on the top, then leans back and impressively continues to ride (that core and leg strength is amazing!), staying stiff the whole time.

Tim Kruger, Dean Young Tim Kruger, Dean Young

Here are the trailers! Which are you most excited to see? See Tim fuck Sean Austin and Tim fuck Dean Young at TimTales!


9 thoughts on “Who Fucks Better: The Scottish or the Irish?”

  1. They both look great, but that still doesn’t change the fact that once you’ve seen one Timtales video, you’ve seen them all.

  2. They’re both gorgeous bottoms. I’d just bounce between them both.

    I read whwew Tim is going to top Koldo Goran soon. That would be hot if true.

  3. Pointed and some what bigoted question. Each person fucks differently regardless of race. This is the kind of question Trump would ask.

    1. Scottish and Irish are not “races”. They are different countries. Educate yourself before the make a fool of yourself again.

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