TGIF Surprise! Shaw Is Back Again at Sean Cody to Fuck Robbie

One of The Sword’s hands-down hottest newcomers of the last year, Sean Cody’s Shaw, is back for another scene and seriously he could probably single-handedly keep the site afloat, IMO.

Clearly they know he’s hot, too. They brought him back for his second duo scene just last week, with Curtis, and they bumped him up already to the Most Popular page, in the row above Curtis!

And now here he is again, in all his tan, ripped sexiness, this time paired with hot versatile big-dicked twink Robbie, he of the unfortunate Iowa tattoo.

I don’t care if he is dumb as rocks and has four kids somewhere and a terrible wife, he is SOFA KING HOT.

Update: Now that the scene is live I can say definitely that it is damn hot, and Shaw is a fuck machine, and Robbie cums buckets. Also, Robbie said he was bi, but he is never going back to women after this. And I’m having a harder time believing that Shaw is new to this. The end.








[Sean Cody]

3 thoughts on “TGIF Surprise! Shaw Is Back Again at Sean Cody to Fuck Robbie”

  1. Shaw is one big muscular guy. I would like to see him and former SC model big muscular Jack get it on together. Maybe arm wrestle and the loser bottoms. So hot.

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