Bambi’s Greatest Hits

If they’re not going to give her her own membership site, this is the next best thing.

Is it just me, or does this have an air of thinly veiled misogyny to it? Bambi’s definitely playing along, if not often instigating things, but pay attention to the guys. They really revel in calling her a “bitch,” slapping her, and simulating sexual acts (some of them appear to be rape?) on her. Of course, it’s OK for them to unload whatever pent up anti-female aggression they’ve got on her because, after all, she’s not a “real” woman, so she can’t take offense to any of it, right? They can get away with hitting a girl because they’re not really hitting a girl. Keep in mind also that more than 2/3 of these gay porn stars are supposedly straight (i.e., severely sexually confused), which can only add to their own behavioral issues as they relate to Bambi, the faux stand-in for the opposite sex they purport to be attracted to.

Is this all just harmless fun, or is Next Door Studios using Bambi to foster an anti-women work environment?

10 thoughts on “Bambi’s Greatest Hits”

  1. She’s just like Sofia Vergara from “Modern Family”……

    Minus the talent

    And the looks

    And the money

    And twice as annoying……

  2. lol! yay! i love Bambi!!! Great clip – she is soooo much fun! Mamis….muchos besos y mucho amore!
    love your fan…mr. Pam

    (she’s also one of the BEST make-up artists and hair stylists on the planet!!!!)

  3. It saddens me she works for that anti-gay studio. Not much worse though than her former employee Lucas, who’s voting for Romney.

  4. Haha Bambi is fun! The segment with her topping Samuel O’Toole is more believable than the videos of Cody Cummings fucking with a guy…

  5. She should make some femdom videos , beating the shit out of these guys, slapping them , fucking them with strap-on.
    This is the way to go , I can totally see it happening.
    Definitely the best “exclusive” at Next door studios

    1. I’m told ‘she’ still has the dick so ‘she’ wouldn’t need the strap-on.

      It was a pretty sizable piece (Google: Christian Cruz of Lucas Entertainment)… the female hormones might’ve shriveled it up some though.

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