Check Out My New Scene With Topher DiMaggio And His Real-Life Boyfriend

Hey guys, Topher DiMaggio’s eyebrow here.

All of my scenes are hot, but it’s my new scene with Topher and his real-life boyfriend, Lance Luciano, that’s the hottest. You’ll want to check this one out for sure. We all met in our esthetician’s waiting room, and it’s been true love ever since. I’m so proud that Lance chose to do his first ever gay porn scene with me, and with Topher.

It’s not easy being the most famous eyebrow in gay porn, but being attached to a hot guy and getting to have sex with other hot guys does make my job a little bit easier. Plus, Topher takes great care of me and never makes me feel like I’m “just another eyebrow.”

If you think I’m perfect, wait till you see how perfect Topher and Lance look together in their new Cocksure Men scene!

Thanks guys.
–Topher DiMaggio’s Eyebrow

[Cocksure Men: Topher DiMaggio Fucks Lance Luciano]


8 thoughts on “Check Out My New Scene With Topher DiMaggio And His Real-Life Boyfriend”

  1. they look beautiful together, and yes the boyfriend is to me of equal beauty as topher. He has a great smile, now they also have to flip flop.

  2. ok, so i’m not advocating for or against bareback porn, but does anyone for one second believe that any of these porn couples use condoms in their every day real life? this is supposed to feel real and genuine, yet it’s as stale and manipulated and fake as every other porn scene, so what really makes it any different?

    1. I was like, “BUT IT ISN’T BAREBACK!”
      Roman Heart and his boyfriend didn’t use condoms off camera and in their private shows, but they did in every other video they filmed.
      I’m guess that CSM has changed their stance on barebacking as none of their recent videos have been bareback.

      1. kinda hypocritical no? again, i don’t want to debate bb porn, i do have my views and i’ll admit they’re sometimes contradictory – it’s a complex issue, but don’t try to sell me the “real” bf experience when all you’re really doing is peddling a fallacy.

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