Colby Keller: Riley Price Canceled My Scenes; Was “Foaming At The Mouth”

Riley Price was thisclose to wrapping production on his new movie without any drama, but…not so fast! Here comes Colby Keller with a bunch of angry tweets and a scathing blog entry about Riley Price. Let there be drama.

According to Colby, Riley Price was “foaming at the mouth” when he left Colby high and dry after promising him two shoots on Price’s forthcoming membership site, Following a string of uncharacteristically angry tweets from the gentle giant this morning, Colby took to his blog this afternoon and unleased a vicious attack, which is a “fun” read if you are a pathetic asshole who thrives on he said/he said catty porn star bullshit.

Cut to me frantically copying/pasting from Colby Keller’s blog:

So, this morning, like so many other mornings in that special California sun (like no other place LA’s light is movie magical), I gingerly approached a young porn producer who was literally foaming at the mouth. In normal situations, I see mouth foam and I run. I’ve seen enough Zombie/Rabies movies to know better, but this time, against my better judgement, I held my ground.

After all, I’d been in touch with Mr. Price(less – his adjective not mine) for a couple of months now. He had (sort of) coordinated my plane ticket and was responsible for directing two scenes I was going to shoot with him this week. I’ve worked with a lot of adorable weirdos. How bad could this be? And as I got closer, I realized he was actually brushing his teeth. Why anyone meeting a future employee would wander out to greet me mid-brush is a little odd but well, it is porn after all. So, yes, it’s ok. It’s just toothpaste.

But, I should have screamed “RABIES!!!” and run. There had been so many problems up to this point; Hurricane Irene being the least troublesome of them. Mr. Price had scheduled me to come a couple days earlier (well it was actually someone he works with, but he was involved in the planning). He had misinterpretted my messages and overbooked me for too many extra days in LA but I have good friends to crash with, so I dealt. When Irene hit, my flight was cancelled. He was mad at me and asked if I could fly out anyway (I should have told him to watch Devil Wears Prada). He told me I should rebook.

I did, and called him immediately to confirm my new schedule.  He said great and that he would get me a hotel for the first night (which, after reminding him once my plane touched down, he grudgingly did). And that’s where the rub came: after the initial booking, everything started to happen begrudgingly, as though I were putting him out like an annoying relative staying too long after the last night of Xmas. But I was the one being hired to do work for him…his project, his initiative, his plan.

I mean, there had been so many organizational guffaws at this point that I should have known. Other models “cancelling” (in this economy? really?) Times of scenes changing. And then the blame game came. If anyone knows me, they know I’m commonly reffered to as a busy beaver by friends. I’m good at being busy; I’m ALWAYS early and I work hard to get a lot of work done as fast as I can. So, toothbrush in hand, Mr. Price and I started a shouting match in which he tried to blame me for his organizational ineptitude. A crew member showed up and witnessed our shouting match (poor guy). “You shouldn’t have rebooked.”  “Uhm, you told me to.”

“I didn’t know when you were coming.”  “Uhm, I gave you my new info on the phone and you said you would book the hotel for that night.”

“I didn’t know if you were even coming today”  “Uhm, we’ve been texting all morning and I flew 3,500 miles in search of work.  When did I give off that impression?”

“The other model had to cancel.”  “Oh, that’s ok, I actually spent some time and found two other models in LA willing to work with us at the price you quoted me.”

And then things went red. He had messed up big time and backed into a corner like a rabid animal just started to attack, my character, my (dis-)honesty, my work ethic…I walked. You can be as annoying as you want, but you can’t treat me disrespectfully in a professional setting (unless it’s called for in the scene). ;)

I think this all sounds like miscommunication? For what it’s worth, Riley Price tells The Sword that it was Colby who rebooked his flight–on his own–and once Riley found out about it, he arranged to shoot Colby upon his arrival. Then, one of Colby’s scheduled scene partners, Phenix Saint, didn’t show up this morning. So, clearly, the only way to settle this is to blame everything on Phenix Saint! Problem solved.

But what should Colby Keller do for the next two days that he is stranded in L.A.?
Should Colby Keller go to Disneyland and take ironic pictures for his blog?
Is Colby Keller less of a mellow hipster now since he had such a public meltdown?
Is Riley Price a bad boss?
Why is “Irene” such a cunt?
What kind of toothpaste do u think Riley Price uses?
Why does Phenix Saint ruin everything?
Who do u believe??
R u #TeamColby or #TeamRiley?


44 thoughts on “Colby Keller: Riley Price Canceled My Scenes; Was “Foaming At The Mouth””

  1. Every time I do a post about Riley on my blog, I hear heat – from him – about it. “Ew that set is old why are you posting THOSE pictures.” “why couldn’t you get me from my good side.” “I look like crap there. Why the hell are you gonna put those up.”

    Even doing this interview with Riley Price for my blog was not a pleasant experience.

    I haven’t done a blog post on Riley since March and that’ll be the last one most likely. I’m so #TeamColby.

    1. I hate responding to people–but sometimes you just gotta say something. I
      never said that—I think its sad that you feel that have to jump on a bandwagon that is quite frankly non-exsistent at this point–only to fulfill your own site by posting a link. Piggy back all you want–but get your facts straight. I NEVER said those things. Use your talent..not your drama–that will get you nowhere.

      1. Riley Price – or whatever your real name happens to be. I’ll just call you Drama Bitch. Because that exactly describes you. You know damn well you said every bit of that and more. Just because you get on here and say it isn’t so doesn’t change the facts. Grow the fuck up. If you had any talent you wouldn’t need to create so much drama. Yes I said it. talentless hack. How much talent does it take to lay there and open up your holes and take dick? Not much, and you don’t even have that. Go home to your momma. Maybe she enjoys listening to you whine. Otherwise shut the fuck up. Thank you.

  2. Anyone with a brain can see this is a set up to slam Riley. Sure he can be intense at times, but he’s damn exciting on the screen. You can’t take that away from him, and he’s trying to do something different. You haters need to get a life.

    1. Please let’s not use this tiring old narrative that the only reason for a large number of people to react negatively to a person,who has given plenty of legitimate reasons to react negatively to;are “haters” with no life.
      It’s cheap and it makes you sound pathetic.
      No-one has questioned Price’s scenes quality just his arrogant and obnoxious attitude.

      1. I think the most overused and meaningless arguments on the internet are these three:

        – You’re jealous
        – You’re a hater
        – You have no life

        It takes absolutely no thought to come up with one of those and people use them when they hardly even make sense in the context.

        For example, in Manchester there was a parade of topless women through the city centre raising money for soldiers in Iraq, and predictably enough our local religious nut (Richard Carvath) started foaming at the mouth about it, and people were telling him he was “jealous”. Now I know he has many issues but I don’t believe that wishing he had big gazongas, so he could walk around Manchester with them hanging out, is one of them.

  3. Team Colby!! Riley is an asshole. He is so arrogant. If you read Colbys blog it is clear that he a man with integrity and compassion for others. On the flip side Riley Price has created a reputation (rightfully so) of one of the most arrogant Porn Stars to date. Colby deserves to be treated better.

  4. Unless you were there, how can anybody say what really happened? like it says, sounds like a miscommunication. if anything, the only drama queen sounds like colby what with all the tweets and blogging. riley looks like the professional.

    1. If you’re inferring Colby to be the drama instigator, then you’ve obviously never met either of them, nor have you paid ANY attention to the merit of their publicly displayed character over the past year. Colby, a ten year veteran of the industry, leaves nothing but praise in his wake from his coworkers on and off camera. Riley, in less than a year, has built a loathsome self-serving, self-agrandizing reputation on which to stand. (But let’s face it, those are running rampant in this industry.)
      So, no, without video-docutmented transcribed evidence, we as a speculative, gossip-hungry porn consuming crowd will never know the *whole* story, but I’m putting my money on the man with years of integrity under his belt.

    2. It’s a game of odds. Based on the actors’ personalities and past history, the odds are for one or the other story. So far, the odds are for Colby. I don’t know Colby, but I have a few friends left in the business that had the pleasure of working with mr. Price and what I heard really does not make him look good. But perhaps my friends had ulterior motives, who knows.

      As for Colby complaining that does not make him a drama queen. The tweets are really mild and the article tone is more amused & upset than angry & fuming. He is the one who perceivably got screwed here, so it’s only normal to try to warn others or even complain. Especially since he was trying to get work having been left with none…in fact that is how it started.

  5. Steve454 got it perfect. Having just worked with Riley on a shoot I hope I never have to work with him again. He was arrogant, disrespectful to his scene partner, a whiner, complained about the character he was suppose to play and constantly reminded us that he was RILEY PRICE. I give his site less than 6 months.

    1. Somebody better call Michael Lucas and tell him this little albino is trying to steal his tiara and title as Queen Cunt of Porn….that bitch will fly out and smack Miss Price with his Restylane-inflated lips.

    1. “Its just common sense. I know my family well enough that if they had they’re choice they wouldn’t have wanted to know about this. Even though I am VERY proud of what I do and my work..ya still gotta be curtious of how others feel and will react. Have you ever heard the expression ‘some things are just better left unsaid’…” – Riley Price from the comments section here;

      Dear Mom: I’m A Gay Porn Star

      1. after reading that you come off as a bigger ass than Riley. and withholding information is another form of lying? Then for the sake of “not lying” how about you give us your real name, address, drivers license ssn, and where you work.

        1. Yup. In the interest of not lying / withholding information, I’m sure Legend has told his mum all about the fact he enjoys watching gay porn.

  6. I’ve read from several articles that Riley Price is impossible to work with and is not well liked by those who’ve worked with him. And Colby is just a lovable teddy bear who doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. I find it hard to believe that he would make a trip like that if he hadn’t cleared it with Riley first. What rational person would? This isn’t even a close call for me who’s in the wrong. With an attitude like that, I don’t see Price being successful in his new venture.

  7. OK Gang Truth is Phenix DID NOT FLAKE (This isnt “spin” or a PR Trick) there was a miscommunication and Phenix was scheduled (and did shoot) for So this is a lesson for all Communication is a very important lesson. AND GET OT IN WRITING GUYS…… But Phenix did his scheduled shoot……end of story

  8. I’m also wondering how Phoenix feels about being tossed under the bus like this. Do we actually know if he flaked or if it was another organizational error, because his twitter mentioned he shot with Riley the day previous to this dramarama.

  9. I’m willing to be generous and assume this was an honest misunderstanding. However, I’m also going to say that it would have been in Riley Price’s best interests to smooth things over instead of provoking a fight. Anyhow, it’s got to suck that Colby made arrangements and put his day-to-day life on hold to fly out for nothing.

  10. colby keller is a total sweetheart, you only have to read his long time blog to get a sense of his integrity and see that he is a very well educated bright and caring individual. the guy couldn’t have a mean bone in his body much less lie over something like this.

  11. “@RileyPRICELESS: I can easily write a response and throw off the gloves…but I’ve come to a time in my life at my young age that goes..’whats the point?'”

  12. No, I’ve said it before… When I met Riley he was the most arrogant, stuck up cunt I have met in awhile. Can’t believe this douche is trying to build himself and empire. Hope it fails.

    1. Too true, better than any reality show on tv at the moment.

      I’m going to be horribly shallow and pick #TeamColby because he’s more my type.

  13. I’m with Colby on this one…I think Riley should smooth this out with Colby ASAP & make aminds—evcen if he think he’s right. These battles never end well for a site just starting out

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