Collin O’Neal’s Trouble With The Truth

Tonight, Collin O’Neal took his story of being fired from substitute teaching for his porn “past” to CNN’s Headline News program, “Dr. Drew,” hosted by hack fame whore radio doctor turned teevee doctor with the same name, Dr. Drew! And, just like in Collin O’Neal’s past media interviews, he lied, and the person interviewing him believed him.

As previously documented here extensively, Collin O’Neal worked as a gay porn star and a gay porn studio owner and a gay porn producer while he was employed as a substitute teacher, but the false narrative that he can’t seem to stop peddling–that he left his porn career behind him when he started teaching–won’t die. Why?

For Collin, admitting that he was having sex on camera and producing gay porn while he was teaching children would mean admitting to lying to school district officials and would no doubt destroy his chances of getting his job back–something he claims to want, despite being caught on video working as a stripper last night in West Hollywood. And for the media, it’s an easy (lazy), familiar way to frame a debate: “Should someone’s past be used against them if they’ve left it behind and started anew?!” Because if the question were, “Is it OK for someone to work concurrently as a gay porn star/gay porn producer and a teacher?” (as Collin O’Neal did), there would be no debate, and there would be no controversy. There would only be one answer: No. (And if you’d answer that question with a “yes,” kindly get the hell out of here.)

Despite Collin O’Neal’s attacks against The Sword and what he’s calling “gay on gay hate,” The Sword does not hate Collin O’Neal! Collin, baby, there’s a difference between hating someone and calling someone out on their bullshit.

The full interview might be posted on the official site over the weekend, but in the meantime, here’s some terrible iPhone footage of Collin O’Neal whining about gay on gay hate from The Sword. Dr. Drew suggests he take his complaints to GLAAD. Please, Collin, do that.


Annnnnd, not that anyone needed more proof, but here’s more. It’s Collin O’Neal and porn star Tony Aziz discussing their porn shoot in Spain less than one year ago when O’Neal was employed as a teacher. This video, incidentally, was taken directly from O’Neal’s YouTube channel. Does he have any idea what he’s even lying about anymore? [Apparently, he does! Hours after this post went up, O’Neal removed the below video from his YouTube account.]

16 thoughts on “Collin O’Neal’s Trouble With The Truth”

  1. Why cant someone be on CNN, in the classroom and in porn?….its all educational, right?
    Meanwhile, half of the CNN lineup are some of the biggest cocksuckers around!

  2. pffffffffff, i never really cared about o’neill as a pornstar but he did produce some pretty hot movies (serbia and berlin) are a case in point , they have some extremely hot models (especially those turks) in there whom i really miss

  3. Wait, do small children watch gay porn? do their parents? why does it matter as long as he is not subjecting the children to anything indecent. Sure, he’s trying to cover it up but what he does on his own time is his own business as long as it doesn’t interfere with the kids education. I sincerely doubt he ever had a lesson that was “The Letter P, for PEEN” with flashcards.

    1. The issue is he has, and still is being untruthful about it.
      I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect our teachers (male or female) to not also have a job in the sex industry, and he knows this.
      Why else would he by lying about it.

  4. No one cares about him anymore and he shouldn’t get his job back and no one should give him any sympathy at all, and gay on gay hate LOL biggest crock of shit Ive heard in the longest time ever. This guy is pathetic and needs to go away with his ugly stank face he has at every event he shows up to.

    1. Wow, that was a very hostile response there, Phillip. Good grief, I counted 6 harsh insults/judgements against Collin. I do find gays to be quick and vicious towards other gays. How is he(Collin) wrong there?

  5. This guy is such a media hound. He cant get enough in trying to portray himself as a victim. This is sick to think he called up the Miami rag newspaper to tell them to write a story on him. Then went to Miami news channels and now CNN. He loves this. But I dont think it matters if he worked in the past as porn performer or currently working in porn. No school is going to hire a teacher where the kids can see XXX hardcore sex of their teacher. The parents would never go for it. So he can lie about it but that is a side show of reality. But I will make a bet that his next porn movie will be teacher themed. Just trying to cash in and laying the groundwork for that.

  6. What is he looking to gain? If he tells the lie enough times people will believe it? All it takes is someone to do a little bit of google searching and find out that what he is saying is not even close to being true. He should get into politics, because he has the same mindset as them. The unfortunate thing is people now do their research and find out just how true something is. I guess if he was to tell the truth is would just be too much for him at this point. what a shame

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