Roman Todd Has His Way With Carter Collins

It’s been so cool to see some of the former RandyBlue icons return to the studio that helped propel their careers, like Andrew Stark and Diego Sans (who both appeared in the award-winning Randy/CockyBoys collab Boys Will Be Boys), and Roman Todd—who is back yet again in another scene since the studio was resurrected (did you see him fucking Jack Aries late last year?!).

And I know I’ve said it before, but Jesus does Roman look better than ever. Throughout this scene, I was constantly distracted by his pecs and all of the surrounding shoulder, arm and neck muscles…every inch of his body flexing in a glorious display of the male form. Here he’s paired with Carter Collins, whose excitement at performing with Roman is palpable—and makes the scene even hotter.

Roman Todd, Carter Collins Roman Todd, Carter Collins

Roman Todd, Carter Collins Roman Todd, Carter Collins

Roman is in his full alpha mode here, using his hands to help control Carter—who starts by deep throating that jock cock (some nice and wet action!) before offering up his hole for munching. Roman then fucks him doggy before Carter sits down on that dick, and then we get a hot interlude where Roman slurps on the cutie’s cock before fucking him some more. I love the shots of Carter taking it on his back, his own hot cock nice and stuff.

Roman Todd, Carter Collins Roman Todd, Carter Collins

Roman Todd, Carter Collins Roman Todd, Carter Collins

And check out that great finish with Roman starting to squirt hands-free as that boner slides out of Carter’s hole (so damn hot!). Roman has fucked Carter and his BF Oliver Marks on, but I would loooove to see a one-on-one studio scene with Roman manhandling Oliver. Fans may notice some similarities with this scene and the recent CockyBoys pairing with Braxton Cruz and Greyson Myles…namely the location, as it looks like it was filmed in the exact same hotel room (I think during the GayVN Awards in Vegas?). The sex is hot in both scenes, so who cares? (But a curious choice as the two studios should maybe be trying to differentiate themselves a little more?)

See the full scene at RandyBlue!


12 thoughts on “Roman Todd Has His Way With Carter Collins”

  1. Beautiful actors. I’m happy to see that Roman Todd is healthy again after that terrible near-death episode caused by the terrible villain Ricky Larkin. If I were Roman Todd, I would never speak to Ricky Larkin again in my life.

  2. IMO, a VERY hottt pairing! I also think (with Dan Carrington) that RT just gets better and better looking as he get older! He has matured beautifully from the “young, hot, jock,” into a really nicely chiseled man; WOOF.

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